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Spread bet Trading Platform


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5 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @larrybreheny10,  you will need to expand on that somewhat, you're not giving anyone anything to work with there.

How do you mean 'disappear', if you are talking about the web based platform it's a browser window just like any other.

Hi Caseynotes,

I have placed a few spreads bets already and was able to use the platform. However, I cannot gain access to the platform now?

Thanks for your reply



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3 hours ago, TrendFollower said:


When you log in you should have the option to open either the Spread Betting platform, CFD account or Shares account should you have them. When you open your Spread Betting account it should open a new window (like a tab) with this on there from which you can place trades. 

I understand what you are saying. However, when I open my spread bet account it does not open a workable window?





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@larrybreheny10, ok so it's the web based platform, the workspace is where your selected charts are held. On the left side of the workspace is list of markets so clicking FX brings up all the FX pairs, select one and the chart comes up and then click 'Add to Workspace' where the chart will be stored.  You can add as many as you like and also create multiple 'Workspaces'

See pic >


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