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Issues with app

Guest Dantro

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Hi all, new to the losing money game and so far I’m learning the hard way but at least it keeps me entertained.

Ive noticed today that although I’ll put a limit on the level keeps going past my initial stake yet shows as a loss. Even when limit is set it’ll go straight past it, is there an issue or am I doing something wrong.

My apologies for my ignorance as I’m still learning the hard way by jumping feet first!


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Hi Dantro - please can you login to community before posting via https://community.ig.com/login and your Community account name will then allow me to link to your IG account and see what stock you're trading / where you have stops and limits. 

Alternatively you can give us a call or drop us an email with the specifics of your trade / account number and we'll be able to investigate.  

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