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why is your account team not depositing my funds back?

Guest Farheen


Guest Farheen

Hi there,

I had submitted an online request to deposit my funds back in my account. Your team member **** requested to share screenshot of card linked to my account and when I send the screenshot . He is now send me another email for showing screenshot of old card linked to my account . This is harrassment. Why did **** not send me this request earlier in his original email ? I want to register a complaint against *** for unnecessarily troubling me even though I have provided evidence of my account linked to my card. Please resolve this issue at your earliest convenience.


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Regulations laid out by the FCA (or other regulatory bodies depending on your geographical location) require us to send cash back to the same source in which we receive them from. This means we can send funds back to the card used to deposit, however, if you wish for funds to be returned to a different source i.e. directly to your bank account, we would first need to verify the original payment source.

Although from your perspective your card and bank account are linked, they are actually separate things and there is nothing which we can see which link the two. For example if you have a bank account with Barclays and make a deposit into your IG account with your debit card, there is no way that we can link these two without additional validation. 

I appreciate that this additional step for a withdrawal is frustrating, but it is required to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy. Unfortunately to reduce this risk requires regulated companies such as ourselves to make these verification checks for all clients.

You should still be able to withdraw funds to the same source you deposited from (for example if you deposit with a card you can withdraw to that same card. If you make a bank transfer in you can make a bank transfer out). 

I'm sorry that you feel this is harassment, however as stated above it is required. 

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