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    • The success or failure of any organization largely hinges on the quality of its decision-makers, as their choices can steer the organization in either the right or wrong direction. Therefore, selecting capable individuals with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience is crucial. Taking Binance as an example, CZ's foresight and innovation transformed it into the world's largest exchange. Similarly, Bitget has gained significant attention over the past two years, thanks to its decision to appoint a visionary leader, Gracy Chen. Since joining Bitget in 2022 as Managing Director, Gracy Chen has driven the exchange to achieve fourfold growth in just two years. Her experience and expertise in the crypto space have steered Bitget on a successful path, making it a strong contender among the largest exchanges globally. Currently, Bitget is ranked as the fourth-largest derivatives exchange and the eighth-largest spot exchange by trading volume. This impressive rise is attributed to Gracy Chen's innovative leadership. Now, as she steps into the role of CEO, there is a strong possibility that Bitget could soon rank among the top three exchanges. What are your thoughts on this potential growth?
    • NYANHeroes' focus on a dynamic NFT ecosystem with collectibles, games, and virtual worlds aligns well with the surging NFT trend, making it an attractive investment. Good to see Bitget providing a seamless platform to invest in NYANHeroes, capitalizing on its potential and optimizing one's crypto strategy is a no brainer
    • It is genuinely true and safe to say a couple of ways exist in the CryptoSpace for everyone to benefit from and earn.  Some of the best ways of earning in the space is through risk averse opportunities. Bitget always leverage on these frameworks to give users latitude to earn rather than primarily investing. Through its "Flexi savings" you can stake some good amount of USDT to get over 16% APR. This is practically one of the highest in the industry.  Since the formative days of the platform and with how far it has grown, the team is committed to wealth creation for its users. This has been noticeably shown in some of its frameworks aimed at rewarding passively through risk averse methods. The Flexi savings is truly a product to look out for, it is very straightforward to participate in as well.
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