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stop loss during and after trading hours

Guest andyls


Guest andyls

Hi All,

I am quite new here. I have a question about stop loss.

In order to protect my interests, i have used guaranteed stops to put on all my positions. Does this stop loss  work during after trading hours?

After trading hours, stock price suddenly dropped from 29.68 to 29.00, i just want to make sure that Stop loss during after trading hours really do work.

Next, another question about my account:-

If i close all my positions, will still be charged interests everyday if i choose to leave the funds inside my IG account for the time being.

I have also read about many people have problems doing withdrawals when they use an online broker.

Will there be any problems if I choose to withdraw all my funds out after closing all positions?


Thanks for your advice and help.




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Hi @andyls,  yes the guaranteed stop will work out of hours. You are only charged overnight funding (interest) on positions held open after 10 pm UK time. There should be no problem with withdrawals and they are usually completed on the same day, though there may be an additional information request if you have funded by card but want the withdrawal to be deposited into a bank account.

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