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Good review. Interestingly their individual ratings don't have an immediately obvious reflection on the overall score? Always think thats weird.  (4.5+5+4.2+5+5+5+4.1+3.8+5)/9 = 4.62

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    • Being a friday afternnon and heading into the week end I d expect one last push lower as final sellers sell.  Early monday may be a good time to re-establish a little long.....The RSI s are so over sold......BUt we may just track sideways, which will cause RSI s to bounce.... I have a theory based on one of my January posts that this is merely a very nasty correction and goes back to the 2008 peak..... Meantime....DJ 24600 or so......FTSE I fancy from about 6450 being 1.618% extension of the ABC  .   Apple...What can I say.....Bottom of channel comes in around $260,  I m holding for the summer time....  
    • lol based on that chart alone I would not be able to make a decision ...
    • Back to the would you (short or buy) Nas question  ?