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Wall Street (Dow) price


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9 hours ago, CharlieB said:


Whats with the Wall Street (Dow) chart in the last 15 minutes?  IG chart showing 100 pip swings which are not reflected with any other brokers. Is this a system issue or real?


Hi, yes the demo platform is showing a false spike on the H1 chart at 9pm, the live platform is not affected.

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15 minutes ago, CharlieB said:

Hi Casey,

Im on the live platform and there was 15 minutes of very volatile price action.  All been removed from the charts now - concerning as I have a position on.

No apparent reason for it

very rare that it should happen on the live platform but if it does trade positions are not affected if it is a fake which this one was. The data for an account isn't taken from the chart but from source. 

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    • Hi, sorry to be too late but a reminder that for when the market moves against your week day position over the weekend consider a hedging position in the weekend market in the opposite direction to your weekday trade so that overall your PnL remains fixed.
    • I don’t think you can as the market is closed - I’ve researched this and if “slippage” occurs and you have a “normal stop loss” which happens to be lower than opening price then you get executed at opening price, (which I guess is 11pm tonight)  apparently you need to select “guaranteed stop loss” to allow yourself to guarantee a stop at your chosen price.  fingers crossed. I’m in too deep really, it’s been an awful weekend worrying!!🤦🏼
    • Hi Rob, pretty sure you can still change your stop loss or take it off entirely, if that was something you wanted to do, just go into positions and adjust or if you wanted to take off you delete and press return, good luck with whatever you decide 
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