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Wall Street (Dow) price

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9 hours ago, CharlieB said:


Whats with the Wall Street (Dow) chart in the last 15 minutes?  IG chart showing 100 pip swings which are not reflected with any other brokers. Is this a system issue or real?


Hi, yes the demo platform is showing a false spike on the H1 chart at 9pm, the live platform is not affected.

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15 minutes ago, CharlieB said:

Hi Casey,

Im on the live platform and there was 15 minutes of very volatile price action.  All been removed from the charts now - concerning as I have a position on.

No apparent reason for it

very rare that it should happen on the live platform but if it does trade positions are not affected if it is a fake which this one was. The data for an account isn't taken from the chart but from source. 

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