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  1. Hi On the desktop platform, my client sentiment "widget" has been showing "no trading activity" for days now . (I note it is working fine on my phone app) Is it a local issue for me or the same for everyone? In either case - what is the fix? Thanks
  2. This thread has been going since 2022 and we are still at status "don't know" - pretty pi$$ poor really
  3. Bit of a shocker that they are still not at the top of this list, and still zero indication of when they will be
  4. most charting platforms have an option to show executions on the chart - I cant find it on the IG charts - does the option exist? Tradingview for example has small blue and red arrows that show where the trade was entered and exited - useful to review once the trade is closed please advise thanks
  5. Hi Its been mentioned a few times by IG over the months that there is something being worked on in the pipeline for integrations with the TradingView platform It would be a huge benefit to simply link IG account and place order on the TV charts Has there been any progress, or any ETA of when this functionality may be available?
  6. Come on IG - its ridiculous your name is not at the top of this list ...
  7. Hi @AndaIG that was very helpful thanks! So I was half way there using the Nymex Light Crude Oil Futures. I'll take a look at the IG futures to see a closer correlation. Thanks for the tip.
  8. ahhh and you have to buy the data feed on TV for the Nymex otherwise the data is delayed by 10m 😬
  9. its not ideal as IG has different trading hours to Nymex, so there is missing data - but its as close as we can get, and at least the swings allign... Fast track TV partnership please ☺️
  10. Hi @MongiIG Thanks for your reply. In this instance the issue is that the IG Oil price is some sort of derision of futures - not sure how it is calculated exactly but it is very different from all other providers - I mean the numbers themselves don't matter to be honest but IG chart will for example put in a swing higher high when others are putting a lower high and I cant find any other provider that is vaguely similar to IG pricing (which is odd in itself as they all seem to be roughly similar to each other with IG being the stand out exception). All other markets I have looked at (FX, Commodities, Indices) I can pretty quickly find a chart to match IG, so it is very easy to do my charting on TradingView system which is hands down the best and almost become industry standard. Point in case, take a look at these 4 other providers - all pretty consistent with each other. Look at the two swing high points - high followed by a higher high. IGs however, as you can see is quite different - high followed by a lower high (see attachment). So its not as if we are talking a little off, which is really odd, and hence my post asking if anyone knows of any other Oil price provider is even close to what IG presents as I cant be the only one hoping to solve this one. Its a bit of a head scratcher to say the least as to why IG doesn't agree with any of the others, as the pricing has to come from somewhere Its no great drama, I can always work a "fudge" but if you or any of your colleagues do have a brain wave or explanation, Im all ears! Cheers Charlie PS Before hitting send on this post I did some more searching on TV, and have now been able to answer my own question - it looks like the IG chart is almost the same as Nymex Light Crude Oil Futures. I'll still post this reply as it may be helpful for someone with the same quest in future!
  11. Has anyone found an "Oil - US Crude" chart on TradingView that vaguely matches the IG chart? I like to do my charting on TradingView so can be tricky when there isnt a decent like for like Would be so much better if IG was partnered with TradingView...
  12. Thanks Arvin I thought it may be something to do with my phone settings. I'm on Android but still your steer has helped - I was looking in app settings and didnt consider sound settings thank you! i probably had it set to silent as i have so many notifications across all apps so now i have to decide - hear one hear all...could get noisey!
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