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  1. I hear you I guess my only comment would be the lack of consistency across the three pairs that by their nature should mean they are not altogether different in character (EU, GU and EG) - one would have thought (and of course I accept I could be wrong) that if GU and EU are behaving normally with perhaps a minimally wider spread then there is little reason for EG to be both very spiky and excessively wide spread the cynic in me will always ask the question. Its not unlike having that very special ability to place a stop on what turns out to be the very bottom tick and yet it never
  2. thanks for your comments Casey, very interesting. What is your take on the spread going from 0.9 pips to 12 pips - in a very docile market - acceptable or overkill? (I accept that in times of extreme volatility the spreads can widen considerably, which is fair enough, but I don't think we can put it down to that this time)
  3. i do understand false spikes can appear on charts - what i am saying is that i was watching it at the time and those spikes reflect the erratic bid and offer prices as they changed, so in this case i do not believe they were false spikes I appreciate while changing providers that spreads may widen but a 12x factor is more than a little excessive and didnt happen in other pairs so it doesnt quite justify the action. It would be interesting to get an official IG EURGBP market maker response as to the mecahnics of what was going on here. Id rather they didnt just delete the wicks and a
  4. the price action was real alright - i was watching it in real time - very odd IG have advised me in the past that spreads widen at times of volatility - but 0.9 to 12 pips and then erratic swings - smells of stop hunting to me with no chance of getting filled on the limit orders playing with a stacked deck?
  5. I havent traded EURGBP for a while so it may well be normal activity - maybe some sort of algo running between 22.00-22.30. For no apparent reason the spread moves to 12 pips wide (from 0.9) and swings erratically. Take a look at the IG 1 minute chart here with a corresponding chart from TradingView (FXCM feed but they were all the same) at the same time. The chart I share is 1m and mid price so with that in mind this action would have swept all stops above and below the high 8698 and 8686 by a further 6 pips so call it a 25 pip range of 8680 and 8705 it what was for all intents and
  6. Did this get resolved? I have got the same issue...
  7. Thanks Caseynotes, that was very helpful. The link you sent also contained another link that shows how to add the swaps to your watchlist - I specifically wanted this as only way to tell which pairs have a positive swap and which negative. Thank you!
  8. Hi Can anyone point me to where i can see what the positive/negative swap is on each pair? Maybe a pdf data sheet somewhere? TIA Charlie
  9. Thanks James, that does explain why i can find no corresponding charts. Appreciated
  10. Can anyone tell me what the underlying market for IG Natural Gas Spot price is? and if there is a corresponding chart on TradingView? The Natural Gas charts on TV look a little different to the one on IG On Tradingview I can only find Henry Hub Natural Gas Nymex Futures at 2280 which correlates with CFDs on OANDA, but I cant find anything with the IG level at the 2400 Any pointers appreciated.
  11. it was very strange - an hour later and we were back to a 2 pip spread - all for no apparent reason. Why do you say from 10-10.30? I assumed it was just out of UK hours ie all night. Removing stops overnight on these seems the only way to avoid being "tagged and dragged".
  12. there were 15x 1 minute candles with close to 100 pip ranges - all been removed from the chart now oh well, "nothing to see here, all move along"!
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