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Trailing stop - start after profit >0 ?

Guest Mark8787

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Guest Mark8787

Let's say I bought Apple CFD for $100.

It then drops to $80.

It slowly moves up to $81. Can I then put a trailing stop on (distance of $5) that only begins if Apple reaches $105? In other words only when profit > 0?

Then if Apple goes to $107 then heads down towards $100, the position automatically closes at $102, returning a profit of $2.


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9 hours ago, Hippocampus said:

good question


On 19/08/2019 at 10:53, Mark8787 said:

Let's say I bought Apple CFD for $100.

Hi, IG use a variable spread system which also applies to the min stop distance and is determined by the current market volatility. This will determine where you are able to place a new trailing stop and I think it does have a step function to delay the start, play around on the demo, that's what it's for.

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