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oil tanker stocks


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    • I referred to a current potential square forming on the SP500 Index in a previous post Details below: Take note - We're using GEOMETRY here and examples like this aren't always as clear cut as this - most of the time you have to use other geometrical means to work out what the market is doing and likely to do - again the post is to show you that the markets are not random and that they conform to geometrical properties, if you study sacred geometry and the key mathematical ratios for the Triangle, Square, Cube and Pentagram (I don't have it as my avatar for no reason!) you will discover the maths of the markets The below is a simple extraction of the Initial Impulse thrust/move to arrive at a top (Of which I've shown an example of for another section of the SP500 Index or Nasdaq100 - anyway same principle) Re TIME - Those that are Interested can see if they can find the simple link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_root_of_3
    • Market data to trade on Friday: Hang Seng; NFP; USD/JPY With the start of a new month comes the latest jobs report from the US, out on Friday. Markets will likely use the November employment data to gauge whether the Fed continues to see strength in the labour market and can be expected to deliver three rate hikes in 2022. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/market-data-to-trade-on-friday--hang-seng--nfp--usd-jpy-211202  
    • David Dowdy  @davidwdowdy  16h Let's not forget Botswana data. Of the 14 isolates sequenced in Botswana from Nov 15-29, all were omicron. Yet cases in the country are going down, not up. Just because we have a new variant doesn't mean we have a crisis on our hands.   'There is no evidence the benefits of the Covid vaccines outweigh the risks: that is the conclusion of Professor Norman Fenton, British mathematician and Professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London.'  
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