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  1. What do you think is happening really? The systems cannot cope with the load. Simple as.
  2. Rumours going round they are going after a the ticker SLV which is basically the Silver Index. Spot Silver is rising currently.
  3. This is fake news qanon level BS at the moment. We have no idea what is going on.
  4. It's obvious what caused it. This isn't normal market behaviour. Clearing firms are having collateral issues at the DTC due to the volatility causing DTC to jack rates to 100%. They're preventing opening trades because their clearing firms literally don't have any cash on hand to fund the 2 day settlement cycle.
  5. I wrote a streamer for the comments on WSB! https://gist.github.com/tg12/7eaa409bf988753668946179de96af99
  6. The API is really only for CFD/Spreadbetting. Check here. https://labs.ig.com/sample-apps/api-companion/index.html
  7. > recommend for a newbie like me? Absolutely, Stay away from scammers on YouTube and Instagram. They are all horse ****.
  8. Why do you not use orders when the market is closed, Then you can set your own price?
  9. I wonder if they use the Demo platform as a test environment
  10. Cryptos have been banned in the UK https://www.zdnet.com/article/uk-ban-on-cryptocurrency-derivatives-comes-into-force-today/#:~:text=The ban has now become,crypto assets to retail consumers."&text=However%2C UK regulators believe the,consumers to enter without regulation.
  11. Be careful with that theory. You get burned quite quickly. Remember to keep an eye on slippage and spread. What you have said is true, If you have a spread betting account you can trade with 1000 but bare in mind there are certain minimum deposit requirements setout in law. you can pick small positions with £1000, The amount of leverage is entirely up to you £1/pip, £2/pip etc etc. Good luck.
  12. It could be the spread. It's always bigger during opens. You can't see the depth of the order book... I presume. I mean I think you can if you have level 2 access.
  13. IG Index API only supports CFD at this time
  14. This year, It's a moving goal post. One bad Brexit headline or a Covid related news story and they will move. Algos baby. Algos
  15. As I understand it, It's points PER pip. It's down to you.
  16. A pip is a value you attach to it, So it can be whatever you want to suit your budget.
  17. Daily Change is on the charts. But I see what you mean that's good actually.
  18. If you are a retail trader you are at the back of the queue, Trade accordingly. Although we have so much many more opportunity's now than we ever did. Find one that works for you and fits your needs.
  19. Would this be useful to anyone, Prevailing market sentiment graphs? I have found a lot of good success using this method trading stocks. It makes use of the Hull Moving Average. Not just using the Hull Moving average however but I have found that it is surprisingly accurate. Would this be useful to anyone? I will update these graphs most days if people find it interesting for both the FTSE100 and FTSE250 with general market sentiment. I have annotated the graphs so that if the prevailing sentiment is up/long it will show in green and if it's down/short then it will show as red. I can produce other graphs for individual stocks if there is enough interest. Feel free to fork, update, message me for any questions etc. Graphs
  20. Sometimes it does go down, Around market closing times mainly but I suspect they use it as a test platform when developing software etc.
  21. LOL.....No. It's the new safe haven asset. It might be the new mans gold. But ... no.
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