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  1. lol, What's going on here? What's with all the negativity dudes and dudettes?
  2. You could easily "roll your own" VPN that probably wouldn't get blocked. Rent a VPS from somewhere like Linode then use these scripts to set it up. Or actually just run your code on the VPS itself and just use RDP (Windows machine) or SSH for a Linux machine for headless setup. https://github.com/angristan/openvpn-install https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install
  3. That's probably correct. Blame the EU. https://www.replytoesma.trading/
  4. Yet everyone want's to be rich in Pounds/Dollars. People only care about the price of Bitcoin in $. Everyone want's to get rich, People thought they could be with Bitcoin. Sadly that's not the case. It's a scam pure and simple, Anyway the FCA agree.
  5. https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/britains-financial-conduct-authority-bans-products-track-cryptocurrency-prices
  6. 100% this is the correct thing to do, I applaud the FCA's decision on this one. It's worse than gambling. Stories all over the internet where people are ruined because of it. Digital Currency is not the same as Bitcoin, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done and don't expect it to be the "norm" for 20 - 30 years yet. Also, that is backed by a country the same way we have legit currencies, infact little would really change it's just the method of transfer between banks and countries. It makes sense. The old methods like BACS, SWIFT etc are showing their age now. It makes sense they need to do a feasibility study for it. Bitcoin is just rife with scammers, hucksters, fraudsters, look at all these fly by night exchanges that get hacked because they are rushing to market. Also, a VPN won't help you here. The accounts will be placed on whatever registered address you have on the account. i.e I assume you are domiciled in the UK.
  7. I am using the API, And I want to know can I open two opposing positions (BUY and SELL) and the same time with both a Limit and a Stop Loss set? I've never been able to do this in the past but has this changed. Say for example my Algorithm one day picks up a buy then the next day the trend might have changed and It wants to open up another position, Is this possible?
  8. That would indicate that 24% do 🙂 Admittedly the odds are stacked against us.
  9. Thanks for your detailed reply. Yeah so I have updated it a bit this is the table of how I see the trades working. I am applying this to stocks.
  10. I have been working on a new algorithm for the better sense of the word, I have been playing with some ideas and here is what I have come up with. It's come up with some profitable results so far so I wanted to get your thoughts. Take the price for the last 10 days and calculate the Hull Moving Average. The benefit of the Hull moving average is that it cuts out a lot of noise. https://alanhull.com/hull-moving-average Take the last 3 days close price and check that if it has been all up or all down. If the the current price is above the HMA then buy and if it's not sell (All days up) the idea being that it's breaking to the upside or trend reversal if not. If the the current price is above the HMA then buy and if it's not sell (All days down) I currently have the take profit (limit) set at 2% of the current price, I can't figure out a better way of deciding where to set the take profit (in pips)? Anyone got any good Python functions or modules that would let me work that out? I have a fully working Python algorithm that works with the IG Index API trading on UK stocks if anyone is interested?
  11. I finally got round to updating FAIG. I also pushed some formatting fixes to pyti (This library contains various financial technical indicators that can be used to analyze data.) https://github.com/tg12/pyti https://github.com/tg12/FAIG Enjoy, Let me know if you have any questions, comments, feel free to do a PR and improve it.
  12. Yep this happens sometimes, Sometimes there is missing data for various reasons. You have to build error checking into your code.
  13. What formula or method do you use to plan your Take Profit/Limit in number of pips? Curious to hear everyone's methods.
  14. Technical Analysis features in the API. I'd like to be able to query Support and Resistance Levels
  15. That would make sense as March was a HUGE deleveraging event. So alot of positions would have been liquidated.
  16. Anymore details, It might help us help you.
  17. My program dumps trades here for those who are interested. https://github.com/tg12/trading_algo_logs_info
  18. haha good point! It's been a long road but to be fair this was never where the bulk of my investments were, This was more of a hobby and beer money thing for me and a good way to learn thing and showcase my portfolio and talk about it to others. Anyway if you wanted to take a look this is where my algo dumps logs for trades. https://github.com/tg12/trading_algo_logs_info - This is a simple algo that looks at 3 day downtrends and SMA and puts trends on accordingly. https://github.com/tg12/most_shorted_stocks That is where the FCA by law has to publish a list of institutional investors that hold short positions. This downloads the spreadsheet that is updated at 3PM every day and then does a tally up. There has got to be some information useful in there somewhere. More Info https://www.fca.org.uk/markets/short-selling/notification-and-disclosure-net-short-positions
  19. Yeah pretty much me exclusively. Check my post there’s some links on there. Can’t post much on here because on mobile. **** community page won’t work on Chrome on the desktop anymore.
  20. True, that’s why I wrote my own 😎😂 it’s taken me 4 years to fine tune mine and I have no intention of selling any of them.