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Natural gas swap

Guest StefanGr


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On 24/10/2019 at 03:34, StefanGr said:

Hello, does anyone can explain me how much is the free (swap) for Natural gas? 


Hey @StefanGr

Prices for commodity DFBs and cash CFDs are synthetically created using the two most liquid futures contracts. This will result in a natural movement between these two contract prices and will be included in overnight funding adjustments. You’ll then either be debited or credited depending if you’re long or short, and whether the next future contract price is higher or lower.

You can see how we make our Cash price which then explains how the overnight adjustment is calculated by following the link below. The section you need to view is 'The better way to trade commodities'.

Commodity cash price

If this helps, the adjustment last night for Natural gas was 4.04 credit to short clients. For long clients the adjustment was a 4.38 debit. 


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