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Selling a position



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4 minutes ago, UPSHOT said:

Hi all how do I sell a portion of my position when in profit.

Would I need to have more than one contract in FX.

Cheers in advance 


Hey @UPSHOT, thanks for your first post!

The position size, if you wish to close half would need to be at least double to minimum bet size. 

For example, if you wanted to do this for GBP/USD you would have to open 2 contracts. From there you will then be able to closed out one by using trading the opposite way and selecting 'net off' on the deal ticket. 

Also, if you opened a position and once you were in profit you decided you wanted a limit on half and leave the other half running you can call us and we will split your position into 2 for you. From there you can add stops and limits. 

Thanks, if you need me '@' me in the post :) 

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