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11 hours ago, BennyBuysShares said:

Hi I am trying to buy shares in VIC (Victory Mines Ltd) using an on exchange order. Buy 1,000,000 @ 0.002 but when I submit my order it comes back deleted? 

Can anyone assist?

Hey @BennyBuysShares, thanks for your message. 

When placing a limit order you're looking to buy at that price or better (lower) this market was trading around 0.15. We were deleting the order because the price you were looking to buy at was so much higher than the market price. It looks like bad practice on our side and it means you can get filled at a higher price than you need to be. 

If you were looking to only buy when the market reaches $0.002 you could set an alert then place a limit order. Alternatively you can place a stop order to buy but if it moves up you can get filled at $0.002 or higher. 

I hope this helps. 

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