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PRT ProOrder Code Confidentiality


Successful automated trading systems are scarce. The ProOrder code is not encrypted/compiled and can therefor been accessed. How do IG prevent this?

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Have you found "the holy grail" trading system?😉

If you are profitable and trade big size IG may have to hedge?


Protection of your codes

  • Encryption of your codes: your codes are encrypted by encryption keys before being sent to the ProOrder server. They are not transmitted over the internet without encryption. In addition, to preserve the confidentiality of your codes, no ProRealTime employee knows all of the encryption codes.
  • Security audits: ProRealTime organizes voluntary security audits on a regular basis and applies recommended action plans to reinforce IT security.
  • ProRealTime internal rules: ProRealTime does not execute orders for itself via the ProRealTime platform or ProOrder technology. Also, our IT charter and our conflict of interest prevention policy require all employees to declare their operations on financial markets, including via ProRealTime and via ProOrder technology."



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Thank you Kodiak. I wish I found “the holy grail”. If IG can access your account they can access your prorealtime code. How do IG prevent this? If I understand your answer prorealtime encrypt it but the code is still available in your IG account. 

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