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Can't trade LYFT?



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    • I've been interested in app development for both iOS and Android and from my experience, there are still some key differences between the two platforms. While both have come a long way in terms of tools and capabilities, they each have their unique aspects.  iOS development typically uses Swift or Objective-C and relies on Xcode as the primary development environment. On the other hand, Android development often uses Java or Kotlin and relies on Android Studio.  From a design perspective, iOS apps follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, while Android apps follow Google's Material Design principles. These guidelines impact the user interface and user experience significantly. Also, testing and debugging processes can differ due to the variety of devices and operating system versions available for Android.  And using tools like atlassian JIRA can help manage development projects across both platforms by keeping track of tasks, bugs, and collaboration among team members. Hope this helps.
    • I feel like the hype was the biggest back in like 2018 - everyone was talking about it and investing. Now, people that do that, stay more silent, they are more anonymous. Is that a security thing, or the current state of the world that lead to be this way?
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