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Spread betting platform unavailable for more than 30mins (Sorry, something went wrong)



https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/dashboard has been  showing this (attachment below) for over 30mins. I can log into the trading platform but not into the spread betting platform

How is one supposed to open new trades and, more importantly, close opened ones?

This is the 4th different major technical bug I experience in a week. This is far from being acceptable for a trading platform.

(Text content of the screenshot for search/indexing)


Sorry, something went wrong.
Go to the trading platform

Try to load MyIG


Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 13.56.50.png

Meanwhile https://status.ig.com reports lies:


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same issue here in the United States.


https://www.ig.com/us/myig/dashboard directs me to that same error screen. I can get to my live forex trading account by clicking the "Go to the trading platform" but can't access my demo account which I usually get to from "My IG"


EDIT: I am able to get to my demo account through the IG Forex app on my tablet.

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