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Wish I could help. I signed up this week and did a transfer of a few thousand to get started. It`s well past the time the funds should have shown in my account and there`s nothing showing. Neither telephone attempts nor emails have got any response so far. I don`t see any "complaints" option Is it just the strange time we`re in with lots of activity or is IG always like this?

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27 minutes ago, LT1982 said:

Hey Chris - message them via twitter @igclienthelp they are much more quicker on there 

Apparently companies are more responsive on Twitter because they are terrified of tweets going 'viral', being retweeted and getting picked up by the news outlets etc (journalists love to write articles based on tweets).  This results in far greater reputational damage than if you simply email them privately - then the can safely ignore you.

Ay me!  Such is human nature, Tabitha.  The trials and tribulations of human nature!

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