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MT4 demo connection very slow



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33 minutes ago, Johandank said:

Hi, has anyone  else experienced a very sluggish MT4 chart service this morning? My chart hasn't updated since Friday night's close and the connection status bars read only 16/1kb. Anyone have any ideas?

Cheers. :)

Hi, click on the connection box (bottom right corner) and rescan servers then go to File > accounts and scan demo for a return ping.


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2 minutes ago, Johandank said:

Hi Caseynotes!  Thanks for your help. I  followed your instructions but still no 'ping' and no price updates. Though, the  connection status is reading a slightly higher figure so there is hope! Thanks, once again. :)


you are welcome, I'm afraid the demo platforms for both mt4 and the web based have not held up well lately with this mad market volatility. 

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