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8 hours ago, l_John_l said:

I am considering opening a IG Stocks & Shares ISA, is it possible to hold the cash in Dollars or Euros etc while I decide what shares or funds to invest in?  I have had a IG SB account for many years.


Thanks for your post. 

With our share dealing account you can hold funds in other currencies (this is a manual conversion account rather than instant). 

The ISA account is not the same, we can't allow funds to be send into other currencies. 

Sorry about that. All the best. 

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Not sure if I am in the right area here, but here goes. I have both an ISA and a trading account with IG, on the 7th April I requested a bed and Isa on one of my shares within my trading account as I expected the share price to rise and did not want the profits taxed. I was assured that it would be completed promptly. Unfortunately, here we are on the 17th, the transaction has not been completed and the share has risen 8% this morning. I have spent 36 years working in the NHS and to see my hard earned nest egg diminishing before my eyes is devastating. I have been on the phone for hours listening to music and recorded messages, only to be cut off time and time again. This is appalling service for what I believe to be a simple transaction. Why is this taking so long and will IG compensate me for my losses when and if the transaction is completed? 

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