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feature request: addition style - Heikin Ashi candle


HI, can you add Heikin Ashi candle to your style list?  thanks.

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Thanks for sharing the idea! This is something I have had other clients mention in the past, which was shared with the charts team. We are currently engaged in a project to improve our charts, which I am unable to go into specifics about, but I can say rest assured this feature will be quiried as to whether this will be made available in the future.


I hope that helps and like you I do hope to see this in the future as that pricing method can be useful for trend mapping and complement many styles of trading.


Thanks again!

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I noticed you can use them in ProRealTime. For the times I can't use ProRealTime it would be great not to have to two sets of software running so I can trade HA.

Looking forward to seeing it in the IOS software :-)

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Totally agree Heikin Ashi is an extremely useful tool and the reason we do most of our trades on another platform as completely resent having to pay the 'pro' fee when this and many extra features are offered for free by most other reputable platforms. After all, IG is already making a hansom profit from everyone. While I admit its a reliable platform, its still years behind in comparison to that on offer by equally professional platforms.

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