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  1. Why is there so much irrelevant tweets on the IG platform? Surely we are only interested in market and company news(minus the opinions). We all have access to the internet and can find our own topics of interests when we want. The tweets that comprise of someone's opinion or someone trying to push their own investments(wishful thinking) or some article about a baby who drives a motorbike at the age of 3 are completely distracting, useless and annoying! Am I the only one who thinks that there is just too much noise to filter out? I usually hide the tweets but think that it should really be more useful than it currently is.
  2. Is Tasyworks now owned by IG? If so, do members of IG automatically become members of tastyworks or do you have to open a separate account? I am interested in trading US stock options and so that would be useful.
  3. I am referring to a standard demo account on the online platform not an mt4 live platform. I just thought there may be a general problem with demo accounts and there does not seem to be any knowledgable support staff currently available to sort it out.
  4. In dashbord when I click "Open demo accounts" I get the following error message: "We couldn't process your details because of a technical problem. Please try again, call us on 0800 409 6789 / +44 (0)20 7896 0079 or helpdesk.uk@ig.com."
  5. I have a similar problem. I have tried to create a "Demo Account" several times and it has failed every time with a "system error". When I contact "IG Help Desk" they claim that there are 2 "Demo Accounts" in my name but I cannot see any. So far I have been going around circles with them eventhough I have provided screenshots of my dashbord which shows no "Demo Accounts" at all. Something is not right.
  6. Don't think it is possible unless your portfolio contains Tesla stocks because that is the only stock option currently supported by IG.
  7. No mater what I set my "Date" in "History" it will only show a maximum of 1000 rows which is definitely insuffiecient for active traders. How can I access my full history of transactions please!
  8. True. FX markets may be too large to manipulate in the traditional sense. BUT big players also have clout and can set the agenda for the financial press(mostly in their pockets). They do make certain headlines appear through their minions in the media which will move the markets. They can spread false news, rumours, create favourable or unfavourable events and pay journalists and so called analysts. This may be a controvertial view but it is my view nevertheless.
  9. Thanks for your reponse. Would have been better if we had a feature so that we could sell the currency for our local currency since by the time emails are read and the conversion finally takes place the price may have moved significantly against us. I have no idea why this feature is missing as IG would still be able to charge its commission regardless.
  10. I traded a German stock and the platform automatically converted GBP to Euro in both directions. I did not want to convert back to GBP when I closed because I wanted to buy another German stock. I figured out that I had to change my settings so that it should be" manual" but I am not sure how it will work! If I close a trade will the proceeds be kept in Euros in the same GBP share dealing account? And how will I then convert it back to GBP at a time that is appropriate for me? I guess there is no such thing as a multi currency account on IG. Thank you for any advice.
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