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  1. I placed an order for 300 shares I was filed 27 but charged the full price ... . why was I charged full price if only I got less than 10% of my order HOW AM I GOING TO RECOVER THE MONEY .
  2. they had reduction of capital. and credit the new ordinary share 31/8....... 15p per share (dividend) dispatched on 14/9 when do we get the money ?
  3. WHY TODAY Support was not available to trade . ??
  4. where can I find the list of stock that are available to trade out of hours (USA MARKET)
  5. well . you are learning ....in reality you have to pay up 😆. good time to go for long holiday and a plastic surgery
  6. NO THING appears on any USA market depth is always blank.... .I asked and they told me its IT... then IT told me its ACCOUNT..... ping pong really... the depth is available on uk market . i don't know about any other market .... do correct me if I'm wrong as I'm paying for the data fees with no joy ....
  7. I have the same issue . I even pay for NYSE. and NASDQ. as well. to cover all USA stocks. I get no L2 DATA (level2) and I can not see DEPTH on MARKET .... ( any stock from USA) .... How can one take a position not knowing how many people( how many shares) are there for . sell/buy ....????
  8. if you pay the DATA FEES for your exchange you get to trade a lot more stocks ....CFD.s or NORMAL 100% SHARES I'm using L2 DELER PLATFORM (level2 )..... as well as the normal web based platform that is available.
  9. WHAT COUNTRYS.. L2 platform provides market depth after making the monthly payment for example i get nothing on NYSE, NASDQ.AMEX I HAVE MORE THAN £1000 IN MY ACCOUNT
  10. after reading your notes . I had a look at my account( as I only trade USA stock ). and I realised that average £13 per trade each way was taken out of my account on charges . my last trade bough 500 kplt shares @6.946 for . $3473 and sold them @7.12 for $3560... the different is $87 profit .but after exchange I got.... in@ £2530.24 out@£2567.74 total £37.5... profit . so i change my setting .. I hope this works better PS. BEEN TRADING FOR 4 WEEKS.
  11. set your self a demo account . I used it for a month to get to know the platform and what's going on, and it cost nothing
  12. hi any one trading using L2 TRADING PLATROM . if so are you trading any USA stock . please let me know
  13. I just received 2 email in my inbox and one was a month old, informing me I was entitle to benefit from the 75% reduction in minimum trade size. what is the minimum trade size? and now that I have missed it do I need to add more money to my account to trade as it is no longer active ?
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