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  1. P.S.: It could probably be very nice and profitable active participating in all analyses, debates and setups present on the site as long as 'it is treated as a full time job', leaving no other professional or employment choice, once again, unfortunately the presence in front of a monitor or display for long hours like 8 hours or longer turns to smash all previous education provided/ achieved and drives towards a different social life, generating a chain reaction that doesn't exclude healthcare sector and their education, aligning to different professional careers that may resume to titles only. Perhaps health and safety regulations that do not exclude those working in an office environment were implemented just to avoid all the mentions above, after that remaining a choice, a dependency, a necessity or no other alternative.
  2. It is likely to find the same charts and analytical tools on every platform (except time which is a very important tool for those trading large amounts with high leverage, while analytical tools are offered according to the trading time sequences and markets existing on the platform) , the maximum control over the trades is not always possible, there are factors that no platform can control for the best trading experience, lagging is one of them, then a slow computer and finally algorithms that may respond to early or to late to a buy/ sell order. Unfortunately I cannot share the same opinion and orientation with you, the education provided by institutions and publishers hasn't been applied or even respected in my professional career or trading and investing part-time job, so I decided to follow my own theories, instincts and developed 'courses, studies and real experiences' (not in the professional side which is supported by many many years). I do have an own explanation for markets available to trade in pre and after hours trading sessions, but not for all the others available at the same time especially when the change or the difference occurs in the middle of the trading session. Regards
  3. The noise generated by an Antminer is about 80db which is considered relatively high, or according the web and other ENT specialists: A whisper is about 30 dB, regular talk is about 60 dB, and it is about 95 dB for a motorcycle engine to operate. Noise over 70 dB can start to affect your hearing for an extended period of time. Loud noise above 120 dB will damage your ears instantly. Perhaps it is not a good idea to use it at home!
  4. And I also appreciate if someone would detail the fees, one of the open positions reached the SL and the balance shows a different amount after deducting the SL amount.
  5. Hi, I was just wondering, how is it possible the same charts, same indicators, same trend , same time frame, same instrument analysed looks different on a different trading platform, I can understand there is a time difference and trading availability, but how is that possible in the middle of the session? Like for instant the RSI 95 vs 77, shorter MA crosses longer vs Parallel MA's on a different chart?! Thanks
  6. Most likely the value of investments as on the day (probably Friday) will be cashed out, then could probably everyone can start investing in Haleon. Heard it yesterday on the Metro in French, not sure if understood correctly, but it seemed that had strong roots and knowledge about chemistry and personal hygiene, brands, development, expansion, mergers and acquiring.
  7. Natural Gas remains 'the monster of the monsters', it requires no leverage and a lot of patience: lately formed a triple bottom, likely to test a previous support at 6400 and higher, it is a challenge for for those preferring CFD trading, especially for professionals trading high leverage! Otherwise can double, triple or more the equity and wipe out the account as well in a short period of time. It has no limits or previous time to count on, on any chart available! During the good days CAN tumble or spike up 7 -8% in a matter of seconds! IG remains the best for challenging the Natural Gas financial instrument!
  8. I had the impression the company is divided in two: Automaker as subsidiary and Aerospace; For some reasons the author placed an auto image and aeroengines images in the same article, it could possibly be wrong, the fundamentals may differ.
  9. It has excellent fundamentals, perhaps the balance sheet, the existing global economic situation or the fundamentals circulated shadows the company, it occurs whenever innovation does not target the individual, placing the products at the bottom of a virtual list or however considered NOT a priority, just a good read or a good watch.
  10. Both pairs presenting a Head and Shoulder and an inverted Head and Shoulder pattern are likely to have a small correction during the next 24 hours, however on the long haul the uptrend remains unchanged. Not a financial advice, just a trading idea share, feel free to correct or adjust!
  11. Perhaps, once in a while opportunity! Some of the best patterns to trade!
  12. It's likely to continue its downtrend as a 'long term' trading idea...
  13. The entry point is also important...I noticed you preferred it earlier today or however at a lower value! Thanks
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