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  1. I think, that BTC will be 25K$ at the end of the winter. Though, some traders ask nowadays, is Bitcoin dead. In any case BTC has a great future.
  2. That is a very interesting thread. Talking about crypto, I would like to know the opinion, do pump-and-dump crypto groups work? Can I trust this review or there is the difference in the reality?
  3. I think it can be just a bug of demo account
  4. Thank you for your reply. I feel glad, that I've joint this forum.
  5. Hello. I've just read this article about how to indicate support and resistance on MT4 platform, and I am looking for people, who have experience with it. What kind of strategies do you use: breakout, breakout test or reversal? I am looking forward to your feedbacks. I am also interested in the most important indicators for you. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for this thread, I am also going to try options trading.
  7. I think you will cope with it! Believe in yourself!
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