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  1. Hey folks, this morning I re-added one of the markets I was following on my main watchlist and the whole list came back. Not sure if this was fixed on IG's side or if it's a way to force the watchlist to be reloaded.
  2. I have the same issue and same ratio. I hope they can be recovered.
  3. Thanks @KoketsoIG! What is the best way to know when something like this happens? While this issue was happening I checked a few times the status page (https://status.ig.com/), but there's nothing in there linked to the status of the exchanges.
  4. An now they are all tradeable. It would be great to know if this was a platform issue or something from LSE.
  5. I see an icon of a telephone with a message of 'phone IG to trade' on most UK markets.
  6. Hi @KoketsoIG, Thanks for the reply, I just checked non-share markets and they do show the spread. Interestingly, the mobile app shows the spread for shares. Would it be possible to ask for an improvement on the desktop application to add the spread for spread bet shares? Thanks!
  7. Hi @AshishIG, I have the exact same question. I'll send you a DM with a screenshot. Edit: looks like I can't send you a DM. Here's the screenshot anyway taken from the web/desktop site: This help and support page has a screenshot (when one expands the 'spread' section) which shows that the spread should be shown between the Sell/Buy buttons on the Deal section.
  8. A couple of potential reasons: - Sometimes cookies get messed up and it not possible to complete the log in. Google "clean cookies [your browser]" to find out how to do it, and be sure to select Everything (or all time) on the time range to clear. - The other reason is that IG usually goes into maintenance mode on Friday evenings (I think usually after midnight UK time). But I think the message is usually a bit clearer when this happens.
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