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  1. Well i guess as in most cases of software, the newer improved version of PRT will definitely have an impact on how the previous versions work. Gotta accept the inevitability. Just annoyed that i need to rework some of my codes to make them compatible with the newer version. Its quite tedious...if only they make the older version available for those who dont really need the new features which PRT ver 10 offers. Anyway, thanks for the reply and the link
  2. I have been using the older version of PRT 9.2 for a long time. I coded my own indicators and was able to use them without any problem. All this while version 9.2 has been provided as an alternative to the the new version 10.2 which has also been made available to users. I have tried to run the new version on several occasions previously but found that whenever I activate it...all my indicators coded under the old version would be going haywire. some of my indicators did not show up while those that showed up are incomplete. Even when i tried to load my saved template..the charts that displayed are totally incomplete. This has led me to ignore and abandon totally the new version 10.2 and just stick to run my indicators under the previous verion 9.2. which to me is stable in my case. Imagine to my surprise lately when i tried to open up PRT, i noticed that the link to previous old version has been taken off and what is now available is only the new version 10.2 My question here is why not offer the previous version as an alternative for those who coded their program using the prev version 9.2 otherwise those who faced the same problem as myself would not be able to trade without the charts. According to support, the old version was taken off by the PRT people. Even if this is so, if the newer version is unable to cater to the needs of some retail customers, and as their broker, any effort taken up by IG to bring back the status quo would be greatly appreciate. I dont know if anyone other than myself has encountered this problem. Any advice or similar experiences given by users here would be much appreciated.
  3. I noticed there is no OCO order option on ig trading platform. Just wondering if this option can be included in the near future.