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  1. I could do with it coming sooner rather than later. So it's now on for Sep 1st? I thought it was 30th?
  2. cryptotrader

    Swing vs Scalp

    whoops.... I thought about it after I voted. Lol. Suggest everyone has a think before they vote.
  3. sorry I'm confused @ViA - did you lose A$400 or make A$14,000 .... that seems like quite a big difference...?
  4. Hey all - some very useful points added by those longer serving community members! Just wanted to reiterate @rimmy2000 point about having equal and opposite positions. There is no point what so ever to have a long and a short in the same market. Your net exposure to the markets is nil. My points on this... Have a trade open in a particular direction ... .... and never have two opposing positions there is no difference between crytalised gains/loses and non crytalised think of your position as a whole rather than individual
  5. cryptotrader


    Ya'll know about these new knock outs right on the spread betting IG UK site and the fact you basically have a 1% margin requirement or 100:1 leverage? assuming stops are as close as possible which is 1% away from market. So £77 odd quid to trade FTSE with a 77 point guaranteed stop. Tax free as spread betting.
  6. These recent markets have been mad. It was written on the wall after the huge gains and anyone who didn't expect a crash didn't know what they were talking about. However I recently read a thread on reddit talking about the possibility of an all time high before the end of the year... CANT BE POSSIBLE, I thought. Then I read a comment "Last year, going to $1400 in January from $150 in July Was delusional until it happened." ...I mean, he has a point.
  7. working for me as of this morning. nothing triggered since (i.e. still working to best of my knowledge).
  8. good suggestions and in my opinion its all about trading risk rather than the price action. At the end of the day the actual value of many instruments don't necessarily matter, but rather what the possible sentiment is on that particular asset because that's what drives the price. Everything is forward looking and speculative which is why it can sometimes be hard. check out the primary areas on community https://community.ig.com/forums/forum/10-strategy-and-market-discussion/ have a look at academy https://www.ig.com/uk/learn-to-trade/ig-academy Read as much as possible - start small and don't leverage or go too big in your trade ideas. Talk about EVERYTHING as well and come back here to ask questions if you need, or other forums - there are loads. As mentioned above, record everything and see where you go wrong.
  9. cryptotrader

    US Sanctions, Currency Wars and Financial Crises - DFX Key Themes

    Good read to start the week. Thanks.
  10. cryptotrader

    New: Knock-outs

    Thanks james. Followed.
  11. cryptotrader

    Bitcoin or Lira

  12. cryptotrader

    New: Knock-outs

    when will crypto be added? / will it?
  13. cryptotrader

    Turkish lira really having a hard time

    get the votes in...
  14. After the movements today in a certain currency I thought of something which would be quite funny. (I thought so anyway). I therefore reached out to @JamesIG and asked if I could post a Poll similar to the one regarding cryptos from a while back so we could end this week (the first one after ESMA) with a bit of a smile. I therefore present to you my poll Question... Is the below chart bitcoin from early 2018 or the recent events of the Turkish lira? (Or Lir-AHHHHHHH as quoted elsewhere)