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  1. to answer the question though, making money from trading is about the long term, and whilst implied volatility on a specific asset is low, that doesn't mean it's the case for everything. There are lots of opportunities out there. look at oil yesterday. just need to look at other volatility opportunities and run with it. Uping your trade size to capitalise on small moving markets I don't think is a great idea. when the vol comes you'll be stung.
  2. isn't it 25%... banner is telling me 75% of people lose money.
  3. range trade until with market comes to its senses or trump/china make a proper call on whats going on.
  4. could be an idea here to trade this which I saw in the analysis on the dashboard Oil Trading ahead of the OPEC event; long straddles and breakouts Technicals hold less relevance in the face of fundamental events, and hence pivot points are at risk of easily being broken as market-makers will be holding less liquidity going into the event, enticing breakout strategies (to the upside or downside) over reversal strategies, and where fading strategies ought to be avoided as they are more prone to being stopped out. However, another strategy to consider involves options, specifically a long straddle on the daily. A long straddle involves a combination of purchasing a call and a put simultaneously, with the intent to profit should the market produce a big move up or down, the likes of which has a tendency to occur with a fundamental announcement like that of an OPEC+ meeting." if you did that you'd be looking at a 76 point move required in either direction to profit. could be possible given the volatility we've seen
  5. labour has a frustrating habit of honing in on important issues which need addressing, and then offering ludicrous and nonsensical proposals which shouldn't see the light of day, are based on some strange ideology, and have no basis in reality. its a shame.
  6. you mean balances at the top of the screen, vs the individual positions when you add them up right?
  7. could be a nice opportunity for this
  8. Have I got this right? the margin to open a vix option is a lot less than the margin to open a regular vix position. that also seems true for all options as well?
  9. No election, no brexit until next scheduled election. GBP negative as market does not like this impasse and until EU grants extensions they will never reach any deal. debate and motion from 15.30 today. Eyes on the prize with vote at 17.00 latest, or any time between these two times...
  10. also from another thread "Beyond meat IPO lock up period ends 29th Oct (tomorrow) should be of interest. 9,625,000 at offer price of 25 USD coming back online. " could be a volatile session and next 24 hours...
  11. love these infographics thanks. so much easier to see whats going on with 90 companies and pick out your interests.