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  1. cryptotrader

    IG is busy annoying me

    ...US oil is still 25p
  2. cryptotrader

    Norcros NXR

    interesting on this one. Just having a look at their core business. what are your thoughts on the argument for a bit of diversification? obviously business have their core areas they work in, but with so many sub companies all relating to showers and bathrooms (more of a holding company it seems) I wonder if there is scope to branch out... ?
  3. cryptotrader

    Time for a cup of Arabica Coffee!

    generally on the back of EM and specifically brazil real rally. Use the platform for some really top end news (IMO)
  4. OOoooo nice. Tell you what I want to know: what is the process for picking which coins to add? You didn't start with the bench marks such as bitcoin, and you've also added things like Komodo and Horizon coins (both of which I have no idea what they even are) a whole month before bitcoin? how and why? secondly - what are the biggest risks to the company? Could regulation about crypto (broadly speaking) have a significant knock on effect? third - looking t your half year results in September you're at a net loss of £1.15m. When is profitability expected (and as a side note why don't you report in USD as surely this is what the majority of your income is derived in with most cryptos quoted in USD, and obviously the CAD exposure you have by hosting servers in Quebec) Danke
  5. cryptotrader

    bitcoin long period of consolidation

    I would say the recent action negates this point? The correlation co-efficiency is just not there...
  6. cryptotrader

    FTSE 100

    that 7k level is seeming pretty strong at the moment.
  7. cryptotrader


    tech stock getting hammered today and leading the pull back. Look at those moves!!!!!
  8. cryptotrader


    fevertree actually tanking today. Chart below shows entry price of 3650 but not correct date of entry. Seeing what tomorrow brings but likely to close significant proportion
  9. We’ve seen the kneejerk reactions to trade tariffs and war talk rhetoric, in some instances **** for tat plays from both sides to maintain political face, and whilst the initial volatility spikes seemed to be over it looks like we’ve shifted to a new horizon - one where the actual fall out of these tariffs is coming into play. The narrative over the last couple of weeks (and arguably months of you wanted to get back to the heart of it) has been political interventionism to counteract some of the effects. As reported over the weekend and seen on Monday the movement towards the 7Rmb to the dollar price action is getting ever so close! A couple of commentators have said that they expect Beijing is intentionally devaluing their own currency in an effort to buoy exports (essential for china’s high export economy). US Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin even confirmed that they’re monitoring the devaluation and have even gone as far as to warn China over this. Ahhhh the US. Forever the worlds interventionist (but low behold anyone who offers an opinion on dehhh freeeedom) But what about the effect of the dollar? And what are the main markets to watch which could see some movement going forwards? I’d be interested in a few other people’s thoughts on this. I guess we’d be looking at USDRMB of course - I'm thinking we'll see it hit and then a pretty solid move past it. Industrials which point to economic strength such as copper, steel and zinc ...and also miners who’s share prices are so intrinsically linked to that. ...which would lead into commodity centric indices such as the ASX, or funds which link to these assets. Emerging markets who rely on exporting to China
  10. @Mercury - honestly that was some very interesting and insightful bullet points there. I would suggest that everyone reading this post - even if they don't have much time - looks against specifically at those points of wisdom and take from it what you will. Also the original post @DanielaIG - v useful. As with all things in finance, you need to have your finger in every pie because they are allllll connected. To give a quick summary if I may M. watch the bond markets as they're indicative of economic health (even if you only trade equities/indices) All of the major stock market crashes were presaged by bond market falls Bond value increase causes yield decrease Yields drive interest rates - keep an eye going into central bank IR decisions central banks follow yield (reiterated a bit here / lsot on me) High rates = high cost to borrow and therefore could indicate sell offs likes and thumbs up to the above plz
  11. cryptotrader

    US Stock market S&P 500

    Supporting arguments if you zoom out ...
  12. cryptotrader

    MT4 History Centre

    all brokers have different data sets for their trade history / real time data. They're just making sure you're aware of this. for example say A takes data for FX from 10 > 10 whilst broker B takes data from midnight to midnight. There will be different data sets on each and therefore potentially differences on the two. my 2c.
  13. Very interesting post and very top level stuff! The old bond market trading strategy certainly isn't something you come up to on a daily basis - generally because you need such mad volume to trade it - and although I sometimes find it hard to get my head around I do like to read up on it. Very Macro stuff, and enjoyed it in the EMEA brief last week sometime. Seems to be having a significant knock on effect to the euro at the moment so possibly we'll get some insight and weight in from @Mercury who wrote a pretty good FX piece. From a fundamentals perspective it seems the weakness in indices seen in China and worldwide for that matter has also had a knock on. Back to bonds! You noted a spread trade which is pretty interesting. The ol divergence between two assets is kinda interesting and something I did a while back - maybe 2 years ago - when we had the oil price volatility. I can't remember the exact trade, but it was a simple 'buy brent/sell WTI' as the prices of the two came very near (and possibly briefly touched) which was well out of their usual movements. Now for example you can see a near $9 difference between the two, whilst before that came down to mere cent. Anyway, there was also this chart I saw on reuters which backs up the above. Over the weekend it seems that the key Italian political figures have made it clear theyre in no mood to negotiate with the EU - its mental. Doen't this mean we could be looking at downgrades to government debt and credit ratings? Are these things scheduled at all or can they come out ad-hoc? side note: should there be a bit of a bigger gap between economists and politicians?!
  14. cryptotrader

    CFD vs Spead Betting

    I wouldn't say it's an 'advantage' per say, but rather than if you wanted to execute significant size, or have better control over your trade execution. For example I can image the majority or trades executed by the general population are fine to go OTC directly with IG. In fact you probably get a better fill. Say theres 100 on the offer it's likely you'll be filled in significantly more size with IG as they don't need to wait for a counter to fill - they'll just book it against your account. If you want to 'iceberg a 100,000 bid in Acme Co' or 'VWAP 50k for the session' or other complexity then you'd need DMA. For CFD trading though, if you're not having this size then the only other thing I can think of is a distrust for the broker and wanting to see the prints on exchange themselves.
  15. cryptotrader

    GBPUSD retrace trade

    Thanks for the overview @Mercury - it certainly makes sense so I guess it's a bit of market knowledge after trading quite a while. Sort of like a requirement to feel it out and find what works for the market you are trading. I used to do the same on the oil markets of 2-3 years ago and used to trade a fair bit then. Since then I try and stick to a small asset group and learn the movements of that before moving on. In my mind as long as something moves then we can have a trade on environment, and I don't see a need to have a significantly diversified collection (note we're not talking about investments - when we have those we want diversification, but when it comes to intra day trade I prefer to limit myself). Like you said I like cryptos at the moment - the moment I picked my username it would seem! But also trade things I know / have an interest in. Gin, hence fevertree recently, technology, hence GoPro and Tesla. I also like the breadth of discussion from other asset chat. Think it adds as everything is connected these days.