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  1. cryptotrader

    Market impact

    sorry my bad for my phrasing - not specifically for Options (as in call/put) but just in general for shares.
  2. Appol if this isn't aloud @JamesIG - and feel free to delete if not, but I wanted to ask the Q. I also believe you are fine with open discussion as long as it isn't obvious sales push or other websites pushing links and stuff like that. But my question is: What do other CFD and Spread providers do better than IG? I've tried a few (which remain vague for the purpose of this chat) but I can't really find much. I think theres a hell of a lot of stuff which could be better of course - no one company is ever perfect and don't get me started on the current share dealing offering - but as a differentiator for other companies I'm lost. ...discuss
  3. cryptotrader

    Crypto Markets are closed?

    always closed for 6 hours from 10pm friday. not ideal i agree! but also is pretty heavily sign posted.
  4. although it makes an additional note of turbos and crypto! the best way to view this is look at IGs share price. The ESMA stuff caused a move from 900p to about 550, whilst on the back of this recent FCA stuff I think there was actually a bullish movement for the day.
  5. cryptotrader

    Market impact

    yes and no. as with all things in life there are positives and negatives for each, including IG. in theory you can get far better 'synthetic liquidity' (in that it's kinda 'fake' liquidity as you're not getting anything, you're just getting filled at that level) which works well for opening orders and also closing deals at exact levels using the guaranteed stop option. For example the other day i traded some uk mid-caps and was filled at the offer in a size greater than there was on the book at that exact time. One trade i was filled nearing the daily traded volume at that exact time for a single price with no slip! I would have been pushed up maybe ~1% if i was on the LSE. when it comes to futures its a little different, but yes your small simple trade on it's own isn't having a market impact. HOWEVER IG will need to trade on exchange when there is a significant volume in any one direction. For example your 1 lot plus any number of the hundreds of other clients trading at that time. For example if theres 500 people trading Wall Street one way and each hold a lot, IG will probably have to trade some of those 100 lots in the exchange. EDIT: have you ever used the DMA for shares option?
  6. cryptotrader

    Strong Ethereum - Litecoin & Ripple Weak

    *puts up hand - cries*
  7. cryptotrader

    New indicator: Ease of Movement

    Nice! I'm not a massive one for tech analysis and indicators etc, but its an interesting read to see how its used by putting in that real life example. Thanks.
  8. cryptotrader

    daily funding of forex

    Long sterling against what pair? if cable then 0.22 x bet looks to be the right answer right now. .
  9. cryptotrader

    #IGCommodityChat: Base Metals

    "Palladium is more valuable than gold for the first time since 2002, with prices soaring by around 50 percent in less than four months to record levels" - it looks like this is on the back of emissions-reducing catalysts for vehicles. Is this trend likely to continue or will supply catch up to demand?
  10. cryptotrader

    Bitcoin - Price Behaviour

    devils advocate @Mercury - why is this latest iteration different from all the below?
  11. cryptotrader

    #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    ooooh I have an interested in this. If the below is the case (and it happens), how long can these countries continue pumping below market cost of extraction?
  12. cryptotrader


    think maybe the link you posted works fine without registering. thanks will have it on in the background.
  13. looool - not under POW that's for sure.
  14. cryptotrader

    Cash is Rapidly Disappearing in Sweden

    interesting. This was discussed for the UK by carney (here https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/speech/2018/the-future-of-money-speech-by-mark-carney.pdf) which shows the opposite. It's a nice title for the internet for sure, and I know as a Londoner I never use cash probably less than 20 times in the last year which isn't much given how many transactions you take out on an average day!) "The first form of money is the banknotes issued by central banks, such as the Adam Smith £20s. These account for just 3% of the stock but 40% of all consumer transactions. Next is electronic central bank money in the form of the reserves that commercial banks hold with us, including to settle transactions with one another. To note, banknotes accounted for 45% of transactions in 2015..."
  15. cryptotrader

    Gold & Silver in a LT rally

    I'm not sure with gold these days. It seems to be very range bound for months and months, as below. Seem to be a little towards a mid range so no real conviction bid or offer.