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  1. Where are the dividend ajustments for this week? starting 29th april ..
  2. Usually there is a post for the weekly dividend adjustments for major indicies which are important to any short positions one may hold> Frustrating when one relies on such posts. Where else can one find this information???
  3. When will the dividend adjustment for 18th March figures will be available?
  4. The dividend ajustments posted here do not seem to coincide with the ajustments on the platform last week.. Notably the asx200 which in the past ajustments would be applied at the close at 4pm est. Any comments as to why this is happening???? like the 23 points on coming wednesday ? Is this reliable? thanks coufused by this,
  5. As I trade using charts how can I trust that they are a true indicator? IG should take some responsibility here and honour the trading stop as executed. Not happy about this. 😩 p.s. wonder what would have happened if it had been a long position? losing confidence in the platform.
  6. Ftse on open monday 28/02/2022 dropped below my stop but did not close position, why is this allowed???
  7. Post has monday dividend of 6.2 but Market at close no ajustment??? Is this post regarding dividends reliable??? Please can you give an indication of what is going on!
  8. i see you just posted a correction .. Was there a reason it was not included in previous dividend post?? Was abit of a shock.
  9. Why did the asx drop 14 pts at 4pm close on 18th Feb 2020??? There was no dividend in the report!!! Was the roport incorrect??
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