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  1. Post has monday dividend of 6.2 but Market at close no ajustment??? Is this post regarding dividends reliable??? Please can you give an indication of what is going on!
  2. i see you just posted a correction .. Was there a reason it was not included in previous dividend post?? Was abit of a shock.
  3. Why did the asx drop 14 pts at 4pm close on 18th Feb 2020??? There was no dividend in the report!!! Was the roport incorrect??
  4. Noticed this very unfriendly to my strategy...
  5. On wed asx closed and dropped approx 12 pts. I assume that was a dividend ajustment. As i was short the asx and had no information re dividend ajustments here I was surprised. I was told this is where to get this information by an IG representative. As I rely on this source it is disappointing when there is no notification. Is this a source that I can rely on in the future or what??? i am a bit annoyed by this!!!!
  6. me too.did all of above to no avail. Telstra did'nt help nor did IG. Now it is ok!
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