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Re Ftse 28/02/2022 monday open, WTF!

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1 hour ago, eileen said:

Ftse on open monday 28/02/2022 dropped below my stop but did not close position, why is this allowed???


Hi @eileen,

There was a pricing issue on the chart that has been rectified since this morning. It seems that the lowest level didn't reach your Limit level at 7257.9. We apologies for the confusion.
As mentioned on the chart, the data is indicative, if the actual price reached your limit the stop would have been triggered.
If you need further assistance please reach out to helpdesk.au@ig.com.

All the best - Arvin


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As I trade using charts how can I trust that they are a true indicator? IG should take some responsibility here and honour the trading stop as executed. Not  happy about this. 😩 p.s. wonder what would have happened if it had been a long position? losing confidence in the platform.

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Hi @AuroraRosas

Thanks for the query. 

DAX opened 445.6 points below previous close. This triggered your stop at 14613.3 and you incurred 409.9 points worth of slippage. To avoid slippage in the future you should consider guaranteed stops. Please see the following links for more information:



All the best, 


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