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  1. Doloress. If you don't want to buy them on an exchange and use a wallet to sold storage them yourself, you cshould consider someone like Globalblock who will enable you to buy/sell and also offer a safe storage solution for Crypto. I also use Gemini which you can set up easily online and have safe storage solutions. Click and trade. Bybit are not bad as an exchange but you sound like you are just starting up so you may want to consider one of the two earlier options for peace of mind. My advice would be to start off with something like 60% BTC , 30% ETH and the remaining 10% split into alts l
  2. @MercuryThanks for the response. Looking at your charts this suggests either one touch at 24200 level or two touches depending on the news before the next move down. It seems pension funds have been buying off the lows and Algo's covering which explains the weight of the buying. As you write, 20% was a large selloff through December and people got a bit too bearish there on the flat yield curve idea so a decent bounce is expected. I guess the upside surprise may well be the best Central Bank in the World (China's) starts stimulating growth again after recent weak numbers which creates a
  3. Mercury . You have had a great call early on this one so hope you covered on the way down testing that 21600 support level. As you pointed out in an earlier post , markets hardly ever go down in a straight line without some retracement and Portfolio managers had larger cash holdings on their books which they often don't want to show in their year end statements so may be putting some of that to work along with the Algo action . It feels to me like we can grind back up through 24000 and maybe some more in a short squeeze over year end before getting better entry points to play the larger
  4. When traders walk in this morning they can see a truce on the Trade issue and oil spiking higher, yet Indices have only moved 2%. Cash balances are high so this looks likely to test previous highs into year end now IMO. It doesn't have to go up in a straight line but valuations are not stretched and the year end affect is bolstered by this double news.
  5. Caseynotes. I just came across this Forum and looked at your resistance posts earlier. I was pretty long The Dow and SPX and read your potential resistance at 25510. Just to say thanks for the work as i dumped the position this evening as we spiked on that test. It looks like you called that very well.
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