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  1. Here's the same stock in my account - I notice that you're probably in the UK version and with CFD trading - while I'm on the AU version doing Share Trading. Does anyone from IG monitor these forums that can give a definitive answer?
  2. I see it now. Great script, but I think you'll find most people will want to be using it to block you for being a confrontational hot-head that's too quick to respond with a put down than add value to this community. var users = ['jlz'];
  3. I DO know a "bit" about Javascript. And it's entirely possible for an extension to log keystrokes, and mouse movements (look at services like Hotjar & CrazyEgg & Grammarly that have built entire businesses around Javascript doing this on people's websites/browsers). It's also possible for a script to trigger both keystrokes and clicks on your behalf too. And while a script might not currently do it, extensions and remote scripts can change/"update" at anytime (and web browsers don't even alert you of the updates (or the changes in them)). Even if the code is open-source on GitHub -
  4. No it's not able to be changed. I should have stated that this is for company shares on the ASX.
  5. Is there a way to set an order to not expire at the end of the day? Most other trading platforms (all I've used: Commsec, NAB Trade, even my SMSF with ING) has the ability to set an order with a set price per share and make it last up to a month. Currently to do something similar would mean login into IG every day and recreating the order from scratch - if you forget, and the price shifts - you miss the sale/buy you wanted. The annoyance of this is compounded as the [very basic] iOS app for IG doesn't let you see what price you had on an expired order. I'm not a day-trader.
  6. 8 months on and a bit more interest - has the plans for an ASX api changed?
  7. "we have insufficient client demand" - has this changed? If not, can you please add me as a client that demands a share trading API
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