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  1. This is a major feature flaw that I don't have with other trading services. This really limits international trading (esp. on the Australian Exchange). Orders should always be allowed to be placed, and queued until the exchange opens. ⁉️ Can this be raised internally in to the IG product decision makers?
  2. You have some web configuration issues on your www.ig.com.au domain name. You're attempting to use your .com SSL/TLS cert for the wrong domain. I know you have a redirect on .com.au to .com but the redirect isn't going to happen [by default] while this HTTPS setup is incorrect. Suggested Fixes: register and assign www.ig.com.au a TLS certificate Turn off HTTPS (443) on the www.ig.com.au server so that the browser can load the redirect on insecure port 80, which then redirects to https on www.ig.com
  3. Here's the same stock in my account - I notice that you're probably in the UK version and with CFD trading - while I'm on the AU version doing Share Trading. Does anyone from IG monitor these forums that can give a definitive answer?
  4. I see it now. Great script, but I think you'll find most people will want to be using it to block you for being a confrontational hot-head that's too quick to respond with a put down than add value to this community. var users = ['jlz'];
  5. I DO know a "bit" about Javascript. And it's entirely possible for an extension to log keystrokes, and mouse movements (look at services like Hotjar & CrazyEgg & Grammarly that have built entire businesses around Javascript doing this on people's websites/browsers). It's also possible for a script to trigger both keystrokes and clicks on your behalf too. And while a script might not currently do it, extensions and remote scripts can change/"update" at anytime (and web browsers don't even alert you of the updates (or the changes in them)). Even if the code is open-source on GitHub - it's often the case that it's not downloaded from there and the version in the Extension/PlayStore may have had modifications/additions done to it (legitimately [usage tracking] or illegitimately [keytracking/session scrapping]). If you don't entirely trust the developer/business who created a browser extension - don't install it.
  6. No it's not able to be changed. I should have stated that this is for company shares on the ASX.
  7. Is there a way to set an order to not expire at the end of the day? Most other trading platforms (all I've used: Commsec, NAB Trade, even my SMSF with ING) has the ability to set an order with a set price per share and make it last up to a month. Currently to do something similar would mean login into IG every day and recreating the order from scratch - if you forget, and the price shifts - you miss the sale/buy you wanted. The annoyance of this is compounded as the [very basic] iOS app for IG doesn't let you see what price you had on an expired order. I'm not a day-trader.
  8. 8 months on and a bit more interest - has the plans for an ASX api changed?
  9. "we have insufficient client demand" - has this changed? If not, can you please add me as a client that demands a share trading API
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