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  1. I had the same question a while ago which I asked IG about and got the same answer as what @JakubIG said. And I can say from experience that it is what happens. Trades in your ISA account and ordinary share dealing account both count towards your monthly and quarterly trading figures.
  2. Thanks for your help @Caseynotes. The volume for the 14-Jun on the IG platform did indeed go up this morning but there's still a mismatch in the volume profile for the two highest bars either end of the last 2 weeks. The volume figures provided on the IG platform and Investing.com (left & middle window) are quite different with those provided by IG much lower. Although not exactly the same the volume figures provided by Investing.com and londonstockexchange.com (Middle and right windows) are quite similar. I'm not sure what the volume figures provided by IG are or where they come from.
  3. Hello @Caseynotes. I Understand what you are saying but I have a particular discrepancy where the volume profiles are quite different. This is shown in the attached image for Kier Group. The one on the left is from the IG share dealing platform chart and the one on the right is from Investing.com. One can see that while the volume profiles are broadly similar there are big differences between the two for the last day which was 14-Jun where IG is showing a volume of just over 1.3M and Investing.com is showing a volume of just over 11M. I don't know which one to believe. Or are they both correct?
  4. Hello @Caseynotes. Thanks for this reply. I'll refer to the post you quoted and continue there as I have some similar volume discrepancies.
  5. Hello. I'm using the desktop based share dealing account. When I display a chart for any given stock, with the time interval set to Daily, and add Volume from the Technical tab, I get the typical volume bar chart at the bottom. When I use the pointer to hover over one of the bars I get the volume information displayed as "Last Traded Volume" with the volume figure. But the volume figures provided seem very low compared to daily volume information for the same stock from other sources e.g. Investing.com. So is the "Last Traded Volume" exactly what it says i.e the volume of the last trade on that particular day? If so how do I get the total volume for the day and not just the last trade? Many thanks for your help.
  6. Hello, I don't seem to be able to access the menu by right clicking on a chart as you have shown in this blog. All I get is a small flash player related window as shown in the attached screen shot. I am using the desktop interface. Thanks for your help.
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