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  1. I have been demo-testing some 0DTE option strategies on the IG platform and would like to know whether the results would be the same as those if regular options were traded (for example on Think or Swim) rather than on a spread betting platform? I generally follow a logic that SPX rarely changes by more than 2% daily and buy 2 calls and sell 2 calls within the range...like as butterfly spread. I understand that on the IG platform there are no credits gained but would the profits/loss incurred be the same whatever the platform given like for like trade size? Any help appreciated. Many Thanks
  2. Did anyone get out of last week's TOTW before the AUS rose? Timing, as ever, is always the key!!
  3. Can anyone explain why the daily candle for Monday is missing? It appears in all other time frames except daily. The missing candle suggests I entered a position way below any price showing. Thanks
  4. Hi How come I can see various US Equity Options on my mobile account but cannot see them on the same account if I log in on a PC? Thanks
  5. Can anyone advise what the difference would be if I trade a Mar 21 Iron Condor on US500 using my spread bet account on IG and trading the same option strategy on say, Saxo, where I would get a net credit. The Iron Condor in IG cost money to buy and sell any Call or Put so, assuming it goes the way I want, I would only be net positive at or near expiry. Assuming the costs of the strikes are the same (ish), would I expect the same result from both platforms given the same level of cash outlay? Thanks
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