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  1. Nelsy-Boy

    USD/JPY Long Trade

    Thanks @Caseynotes. I understand divergence, but just how far back from point to point is acceptable for it to be relied upon as a decent signal. The one above is about 16 periods, i.e. days in this case, with a lot of peaks and troughs in between the two possible divergent highs.
  2. Nelsy-Boy

    USD/SGD Pivot Point Action

    Thanks @Caseynotes. Should the H&S pattern result in a move down to where the original move started to create the first shoulder? Is there a general rule of thumb for the return leg after a H&S pattern appears?
  3. Nelsy-Boy

    USD/JPY Long Trade

    Once again just playing in the demo. Would it matter to go long USD/JPY as per TA and a break out of the cloud on the daily and a very flat top of cloud. Then, go short USD/SGD as per my other topic header. Would I expect to go long on both USD/JPY and USD/SGD?
  4. I'm just playing with pivot points on the demo and noticed that USD/SGD failed to get above the monthly pivot point and hold on the hourly chart. Is there such a thing as a triple top and if so, does this chart show a good example and therefore a definite shorting opportunity?
  5. Call me lazy but is there any technology out there that will scan indices, FX or the whole UK or US market for individual shares where the price has reached a point and therefore certain indicators have, say, crossed as a result. i.e. EMA's or MA's where the parameters are set by the user? I wouldn't want metal mickey to trade it for me. I would be interested in having a list of opportunities to review.
  6. Nelsy-Boy

    Shorting Unite Group

    @wjw22 That's a brave move based on the news. How does the recent price action look? I'm a newbie to this but I did read that a lot of people shorted Tesla and Ocado and didn't do so well. It's a tricky game to play so I hope it's a winner for you.
  7. Nelsy-Boy


    Thanks @elle and @Caseynotes. Very helpful indeed.
  8. Nelsy-Boy


    Thanks @Caseynotes. I find the momentum indicator off putting at times. The daily says look for an entry point to go long which I did do on demo on the close of the first red candle after exiting the cloud. After todays upward movement in price, the momentum indicator is angled down. How should I read that? Any ideas?
  9. Nelsy-Boy


    Thanks @elle. Fully understood and another smashing graph!
  10. Nelsy-Boy


    Here is the same divergence but this time in the Daily. Is divergence just a possible warning sign and not a trading signal?
  11. I have attached the 1hour chart for the US Tech 100. Since 21:00 last night, momentum has been falling. Yet, price has been rising, albeit very slowly. We have divergence but why was it not a trade on this occasion?
  12. @TrendFollower Gap up tonight although short of filling it completely to 3299. Question. Is price going to drop to fill this new gap down to 3074 then proceed higher to completely fill the previous gap to 3299 and continue up. OR. Pop up slightly to 3299 then proceed down and continue the trend down.
  13. Nelsy-Boy

    US 500 - Potential Shorting Opportunity

    @TrendFollower I for one very much appreciate your insight and willingness to share your live trades in such detail. As a newbie trader, it's extremely valuable.
  14. Nelsy-Boy

    Apple Turning Up?

    A few signs on the daily chart could indicate Apple on the turn. Still got 4hrs trading in US but is that a pin bar in the making?
  15. I have found @elle's graphs very interesting so thanks Elle. One thing that is of particular interest are the supply and demand zones. I can understand this in terms of FX movements but I don't understand what is being bought and sold in terms of the indices prices. Is it just individual shares that are traded and hence that will move the total price of the indices?