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  1. Nelsy-Boy

    ESMA Fail

    Why oh why did we have to have this extra margin? why not just have guaranteed stops (which we pay a little bit more for) and these limits cannot exceed how much money is available in the spread betting a/c. No leverage allowed (funding of account via credit card has never been allowed, has it?) and no financial risk greater than the funds available to bet with. Seriously though. I would appreciate comments from experienced people as to why this was not an option.
  2. Nelsy-Boy

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    I totally agree with your comments on the sideways action that ties up funds @TrendFollower. I think you’ve convinced you and me to leave this one alone, well for now at least .
  3. Nelsy-Boy

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    I have been checking this out since your very first post and I do agree with what you say about point/profit potential. I have been getting on quite well with the Ichimoku indicator and the hourly chart shows the price has moved down into the cloud (yikes!) The 4hr shows price well above the cloud but recent price action has brought it down to a the trend line on the lagging line and below the faster MA although it's not really a MA but in any case it makes me wary of going long. The daily shows the RSI 5 still in the red at about 71 so only just but its not enough for me to go long, even just a a little. Even as I am typing, the 4hr needs a big up to get back on to the lagging trend line as its fallen off after the 8pm closing candle.
  4. Nelsy-Boy


    Thanks very much for you input @CrossLines. Totally get where you are coming from. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming week.
  5. Nelsy-Boy

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    I reckon it will touch 5720.
  6. Nelsy-Boy

    Price Gap Filling

    I read somewhere that should a price gap up or down, then eventually this price will be filled. The chart attached is just an example of this for Sainsburys. Is the overall consensus that this will definitely happen but we just don't know when or is it just a possibility that this will more than likely happen as price fluctuates anyway.
  7. Nelsy-Boy


    @Mercury unbelievable amount of work you have done for this post and I really appreciate the charts which I will look through in more detail this weekend. I have yet to set a concrete strategy but have done enough research to completely understand your analysis in full. I’m not a Kiwi, but being English, I was extremely happy that NZ got turned over. Let’s hope that form continues in to next year 😀. I tend to look at all markets to practice TA. Thanks ever so much for your comments and I will be putting more posts and graphs up on other markets as and when.
  8. Nelsy-Boy


    Thanks very much for the tips @TrendFollower and @Mercury. This is my first uploaded chart and would like to hear opinions on EW theory for this one.
  9. Nelsy-Boy


    Forgot to mention I am following the daily chart. I’ve not posted a chart yet so not sure how. Would you mind telling me how please @Mercury.
  10. Nelsy-Boy


    Anyone using EW theory think the recent drop is the'A' of an up and coming ABC ? If so, has anyone got any targets in mind? I'm already short on this one and watching.
  11. Hi All. I would be interested to chat with anyone using the Ichimoku indicator as part of their strategy or maybe that is the only indicator used. I am currently using it's standard setting in combination with an RSI 5 with some mixed results which I have put down to my impatience and too short a stop. Still, practice makes (nearly always) perfect hopefully!
  12. Nelsy-Boy

    Fibonacci Trading Strategy

    GBP/USD on daily time frame started impulse wave down from 12th Oct and finished on 30th Oct. FIB retrace up to 76% on 7th Nov with big selling candle on following day. All the sellers were in at this point. If you shorted here, where is the first possible sticking price on the way down?
  13. Nelsy-Boy

    Fibonacci Trading Strategy

    One thing I am unsure of. Could anyone describe what an "impulse move" looks like. Thanks in advance.
  14. Nelsy-Boy

    Fibonacci Trading Strategy

    I don't follow the 5min chart just the daily but I thought I would give it a go on EUR/JPY. After dropping, there was a retrace back to the Fib 50 on 7-11 followed by an opposite candle on 8-11 which I then shorted. So far so good, but it did go against one of the indicators I like to use so I was a bit worried. I wonder if the EUR/JPY will go down as far as 1.5 times as the strategy suggested because that is quite a drop.
  15. Nelsy-Boy

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    Thanks Elle. So the top of the blue zone still counts as support and I suppose this means that there is still doubt over the next move.