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  1. Nelsy-Boy

    Do Indicators work?

    Indicators are helpful for confirmations. I have found that different ones suit different time frames. I have also learnt that they are produced from data of previous price action and so can only be used as a guide for future movements based on mathematical equations. I think all of the technical graphs you have provided in other posts have been excellent Elle.
  2. Nelsy-Boy

    trading tips

    I found some interesting content on you tube, Topdogtrading. Ignore everything that claims you can make easy money. Note that 80 percent of traders can be wrong at any one time. I only learnt that from this community last week.
  3. Nelsy-Boy


    I would be interested in views on the progress of the EUR in recent days. There was a reasonable move up on 10th October and looking at the daily chart, can anyone see it getting back up to the 15300's.
  4. Nelsy-Boy

    FTSE Down Since Thursday

    Thank you for the extra info PandaFace. I wonder if that has helped recent selling as the longs have been closing out big time this week.
  5. Nelsy-Boy

    FTSE 100

    Looking at the weekly chart, is today going to be a little breather before a final push down to around 6930 then back up again for a rally Friday afternoon to finish above 7000 / 7100. Similar to the 5th Feb candle. Or is it different this time and it's a drop that is going to stick.
  6. Nelsy-Boy

    FTSE Down Since Thursday

    Thanks for the insight caseynotes.
  7. I saw a Tweet from DailyFX showing a chart with the caption 70% of traders are net long the FTSE. That was on Wednesday 3rd October. Since then, the candles speak for themselves. Can someone shed some light on why such headlines prior to this recent drop.