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  1. It only does it with that pair - there seems to be so many gremlins in this platform. Currencies disappearing etc with no answers why
  2. Now it doesn't work on NOK/JPY. Stop level simply disappears after getting green popup saying 'order amended'
  3. Hi - yes I have and it disappears as soon as I click away, which is what happens on the main screen.
  4. *DEMO TRADE* In a short position CADJPY and I cannot set a stop loss. Can set a limit fine. Anyone have a reason for this? Cheers Mike
  5. Hi, it's within trading hours (last time was 12:40 GMT today), I'm using the new web platform with a modern laptop and fibre internet connection.
  6. Hi, Frequently during trading hours I will see live prices disappear off most of the major FX pairs (the same ones every time) and I cannot deal as it says 'market closed'. Is this a volatility problem or a technical glitch? Thanks in advance...