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  1. How has this not been answered yet?
  2. Why don't you just answer the questions that were already asked here?
  3. Since IG decided to increase CFD margins to 100% on several stocks, I have the following question: If I have enough funds in my account to cover 100% of my entry of positions, there should be no chance of getting margin called, or having my positions automatically closed, right?
  4. I understand Revolut to not have interrupted trading in the UK. There may be others.
  5. So if I were cover 100% of my opening CFD position, there should be no chance of getting margin called, or positions automatically closed, right?
  6. Okay, so if I were attempting to sell at $400, but was unable to due to IG's platform failing, then the price drops to $200, is that just a "whoops, sorry, better luck next time" from IG, or is there anything to be done about those lost gains?
  7. Total rookie question here. I'm trying to trade $EVSI, Envision Solar and can't seem to find it in the IG interface. With all of my searching, I can't find a reason why. Does anyone know why I might not be able to find it/trade it? Thanks
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