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  1. Last night on 20/11/2020 at the close of trading, at 21:02 I looked at my screen to see I was making a healthy profit. Astonishingly within hours, "long after markets had closed" I looked at my IG account again before closing down and was horrified to see many, many thousands of pounds had vanished and/or been wiped from my trading P&L figures. This is far from the first time this has occurred. Yet when it's reported and, in this particular case via email, simply because no other channels were open or available when attempting to contact IG support. It's now over 18+ hours since I in
  2. Hi All, Has anyone experienced, 'either in the past or currently' that their total profit/loss displayed on the Worspace screen does match or correlate to the total Profit/loss on the position screen? Therefore making it an impossible task to identify your true profit and loss at any given time? I have no end of screen shots as proof this is happening with screen shots taken within that same minute (even when the markets are closed).
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