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  1. While this article gives good advise, in my opinion, it is a huge mistake to remove one stock of the market like you guys have done. 

    Specially when it has been so openly discussed. 

    It is true that going with the crowd sets you in a position where we are 'late' to the party. We are likely to receive all the hits if we follow the crowd. We know that.

    But the way to manage risk is personal and shouldn't be influenced by the broker. Because I never received financial advise when I saw that 80% of customer loose money trading with a broker, I shouldn't be patronised and blocked from one stock that is impacting a much bigger player. 

    This article would have been well received if IG took the action to allow only limit orders on the stocks that are blocked. Like executing-only brokers have done. If the risk is too high and want to protect your customer, the normal action is to remove market orders so they know always at what price they are buying. That way traders can manage their own risk.

    It is obvious that after blocking those stocks and allowing the big players to short them to get back to a price, you are taking a side that worries many.

    So writing this article now is obviously an attempt to divert our interest into other markets that are not part of the problem. 


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