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    Interesting, I took a few notes. He plays Nasdaq stocks and waits for institutional moves looking at level 2 orders. He sits down for 6 hours non-stop in front of the screen, I don't know if I could do that.
  2. You must be a big fan of all the memes quoted in this article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/52847648 I thought we were discussing something interesting here but I find really hard to argue with that extremist side that you are taking. "You are being played" + "you are going to be microchipped" is too much for me. I step out now.
  3. You are not going to tell me now that it is all about Bill Gates and his plans to implant chips on people over 5g, are you? Do you believe that?
  4. Yeah, that is why he is an immunologist only considered as an eminence in the science community. Of course a post full of memes is going to disprove him.
  5. ok, let's say that we all agree on the fact that we had many corona-viruses before and this one is just another one to add to the list. We can't escape it and sooner or later will catch me, I can agree with all of that, a mask is not an astronaut helmet so I can't protect myself from it. What is the actual point of forcing people into a quarantine? We say that governments do not want bad press or be entitled to many deaths, which are actually the same deaths every year. Are they not able to explain that instead of simply telling us to stay at home? If I am being played, what is the actual end point? Why would governments all over the world play people on the subject? I find really hard to believe that this is all part of a massive hoax. I don't see the benefit of forcing quarantines just for the sake of making people to follow rules. Is it not easier to think that the information we've got is so minimal that we can't be sure that this virus is going to wipe out people suddenly from the face of earth? Like, "we have no clue of what is going on, you better stay at home, because is the only advise I can give you" How about to listen to professionals that warn us daily? Like Dr Fauci https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/14/fauci-covid-19-risks-coronavirus-trump-white-house Is not better to do what they say instead of believing that this is all part of a massive conspiracy against people? I don't think governments are playing people around, it is more that they don't have a clue of what we have to do to fix it, pretty much like in other pandemic. And the only message they can give us is "stay at home and let's hope that you don't die"
  6. I want to believe that, even if we had viruses for many years and we lived with them like nothing happened, this one is killing more people than it should. At least is what reports are saying. That is why countries are forcing lock-downs. Think about that a lock-down is going to extend the furlough policies all over the world again. I don't think a government want to pay that money out to citizens if they don't have to, and companies are going to have to close business for good if we have a second lock-down everywhere. I agree with the statement that we had many corona-viruses before i.e. common flu, but why now governments are taking these draconian measures to force people into a quarantine? If we had the same dangerous viruses always around why are they now locking people at their homes. Did they not care about people before? I think the virus is way more deadly than they tell us and that is why people are not really that scared of it. If we had all the information that is available to professionals we would be really scared and people would lock themselves without waiting any government to tell them. My wife is Chinese and I get their news first hand. They are not reporting what is really happening since the very beginning and it is really hard to trust the Chinese government on anything related to this virus. They still have the problem there, they keep locking entire cities down for short periods the minute they see anything. It is not reported here in the news but every week they lock people down at their homes. This virus is really nasty and if locking people down is going to stop it, let's do it.
  7. I follow this page and I saw how Spain became from a nice yellowish spot to a complete red warning place. Mainly because of the great number of tourists that went there in summer. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea Now France is becoming the same way. I don't know how countries are going to stop it if they don't lock everything down. Until there is a vaccine we are all at risk unfortunately.
  8. If you pay attention I just post sometimes to help people, normally if there is technical issue with the API or a programming language, simply because that is what I can help with. For the very basic reason that helping others with technical issues keeps you aware of the latest technologies. First I am a merchant, then I have a money printing machine, then I brag, now I sell "something" via PM. You are running out of options.
  9. I do not have an instant money-making machine. I wish I had one, for a start I would stop working for a company. There are thousands of techniques that don't require to look at charts. Just have a look at Metratrader or Ninja Trader forums, you will find tons of them. Your IG fake points don't make you a trader. There are many traders that don't even post that I am sure they are profitable, and of course they won't bother themselves to reply to your nonsense. If you want to improve anything publish your technique, since it is losing money you won't care if anyone copies it. Then because you are posting on "Trade planning and testing" you might have useful comments on how to improve it.
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    I am simply proving that my account is exactly like yours, that I am not a "merchant" and anything you say about me is just out of your own frustration.
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    Change the record, it is broken. retail.mp4
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    I normally download datasets to test my techniques before trying them on the demo platform. Sometimes the markets are not giving you the action that you need to test your entries. My approach is datasets locally -> demo account -> live account I like this data feed: https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/marketwatch/historical/ They have the major markets that we normally play on. Quite useful to test things out.
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    @HMB Just in case it could improve anything, this is a message that I get from IG on my dashboard. I personally think that shorter time frames are bound to failure. I can' prove it, I am just talking from my own experience. It is difficult to let your trades run over a few days because of the DFB fee but in the long run it pays out.
  14. I started this morning a c++ repo. Let's see how far I get. I couldn't find any code samples for c++ in order to connect to the IG API so if you guys want to step in and review the code I would love to hear your comments. I haven't developed in c++ as much as I have in c#, so take it easy on me https://github.com/oneangrytrader/brokerapiclients
  15. For those who religiously trust indicators here is "The signal fire" Instructions: Play as loud as you can
  16. It cannot be easier to parse JSON into classes in C#. Just create a .cs file and use the option "Paste Json as classes in Visual Studio", then a simple line with Newtonsoft will have your object ready. var yourClass = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(json) A day to parse a JSON object?, you just have to use the right tools. It takes 5 minutes and you end with a full object with proper nested types in a hierarchy. Not to mention that everything is strong-typed as well as included in the intellisense helper. And you are going to tell me that you prefer hard-coding strings as keys to get them from a dictionary? Come on...
  17. I have a Raspberry Pi 4b and I play with Python constantly. Recently I got this Robot Arm toy and connected it to the Pi: https://owirobot.com/robotic-arm-edge/ I know Python has become a popular language but that is just because of the power of the open source community. There are so many libraries out there that makes the development a very easy task. But that doesn't make it a reliable language for trading. I don't think it should be used because of its dynamic typing. It is quite slow as well so I don't know how it would work for HFT with streaming services. One of our problems is that we get bored with what we have and we keep learning new languages. So python is popular now. Then it will be Rust or Go, or any of the 1000 open source languages out there. But trading firms will still deploy their main applications with strong typed languages looking for a reliable execution. C++ and C# are hard to beat at that.
  18. yeah, I can see the change. I haven't seen the epics changing that much, it must be a specific change for that market. Bear in mind that there are two epics: IX.D.SAF.IFMMX.IP : South Africa 40 Cash (R2) IX.D.SAF.DAILY.IP: South Africa 40 Index I would use the second one if I had to.
  19. Oh my words, I just realised that your post got in the middle of my heat with the forum troll. I didn't realise that it was someone else because your icon is green as well, so I didn't pay attention to the name. I do apologise. The troll gave me so much already that I feel entitled to call him all sort of things, so you just got in the middle I should pay more attention before I send anything. The challenge was always to defend myself so I was never intending to force people to share their accounts. Thank you for sending that screenshot, I hope you are doing that well with your next trades.
  20. @dmedin Here you have a person that could help you to get out of that hole where you think you are. THT has many years of experience in financial services as well as very detailed posts of how to trade, how to handle risk, how to test and how to look at charts. What is your response? A mouth full of insults. Really?
  21. show the full year boy, don't select a nice time when you were lucky.
  22. I am not sure why you are including Caseynotes in this conversation, this is between you and me. I am just replying to you proving that I can build a plan and make it to work, you insult me instead of listening. Now you can't reply with a video, just empty words. I am helping anyone that ask for help, you will see that many times in many posts. I am not bragging about my achievements, just sent the video to prove that I can make it to work. Why do I want to help people? Because I come from a working class background and everything I have is out my personal time and work, so helping others is what we do. I believe that will come back to me eventually. Call it karma, religious believes or whatever you think it is. But if you are going say that I am full of sh*t I will reply and make you look like the big mouthy c*nt. Simple as that.
  23. Interesting, I can see in the log when they are opened, do you have a log of when they are closed and the profit they've made?
  24. Nonsense can be proved , attached is a video of my trading analytics for this year. Yeah, the one with the massive drop in February. Would you share yours? Then we can insult each other as much as we want. account.mp4