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  1. No, normally strategies are market related. You will find many people that trade only one market on a daily basis and eventually will venture into other options. The benefit of watching a market constantly is that you get to understand it better than if you would look at many. You could group markets into their trends i.e sideways, long or short markets , then your techniques might be valid for multiple markets, but since you have to account position sizing based on price, volatility and margin required I doubt that a single technique would work in multiple markets.
  2. While this article gives good advise, in my opinion, it is a huge mistake to remove one stock of the market like you guys have done. Specially when it has been so openly discussed. It is true that going with the crowd sets you in a position where we are 'late' to the party. We are likely to receive all the hits if we follow the crowd. We know that. But the way to manage risk is personal and shouldn't be influenced by the broker. Because I never received financial advise when I saw that 80% of customer loose money trading with a broker, I shouldn't be patronised and blocked fro
  3. This the response from the search markets endpoint. Does it help? { "markets": [{ "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.DAILY.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.MAR.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.JUN.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.SEP.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "UD.D.TSLA.DAILY.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Motors Inc (All Sessions)" }, {
  4. I trust Casey's comment on that you should only get charged with the spread again at the date of expiry, as that has been the response every time someone asked the question, but then I read the document and it says something completely different. I think you need to give them a call and see the official response. We are not helping much here.
  5. You are never going to stop Now tell me why the API failed to respond at the same the website login did.
  6. Looking at the rollover rules document at: https://deal.ig.com/content/files/140800_IGI_UK_Rollover_Rules.pdf Copied from the document.
  7. Now let's talk again about those "technical issues". Those that happened at the very same time all across the world in multiple countries and to multiple companies. My guess is that all of those brokers had to go through the same clearing firms/liquidity providers. It looks like a switch off button. Better to have "login problems" than having to disable every single market that doesn't have proper liquidity available. I believe these clearing firms do not discriminate per market and they just stop providing a service for a period of time, the very same time these brokers had t
  8. I am not sure if they are good or not but capital.com are trolling every broker by showing GME on their main page. They must be laughing at the whole thing there. They don't have an API for developers unfortunately but their spreads seem reasonable. The didn't seem to have any "technical issue" last week. So there is that.
  9. I don't know. I am on Ubuntu and for these cases, when I have to run exes, I use "Wine". There seems to be a version for Mac as well, I haven't tried it on Mac but I would try that route. https://www.wikihow.com/Open-Exe-Files-on-Mac
  10. For those who want to trade GME stocks I can recommend DeGiro. For UK customers you will be based with an Irish account manager where the default currency is €. After changing your currency you will be able to trade in pounds. It is an execution-only broker that charges per operation. They don't offer CFDs/Spread-betting nor ISA accounts. They even have an API available for share dealing.
  11. The list is not small, for any query I send to Google I get the usual big bank names where Citibank and Citadel seems to be the most common among other 15-20 providers. Many comments came out pointing that broker shortages are normally related to these providers but none mentioned exact names and particular reasons.
  12. https://www.prorealtime.com/en/pdf/probuilder_c1486047630c.pdf https://www.prorealtime.com/en/pdf/probacktest_c1537450255c.pdf https://www.prorealtime.com/en/pdf/proscreener_c1416313647c.pdf
  13. I was going to recommend the website 'prorealcode' for a solution. And then I found your question there https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/backtesting-on-prt-v11-1-on-mac-os/
  14. These are the brokers that were reported to have problems yesterday. https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/ig-broker https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/cmc-markets https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/etrade https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/etoro https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/interactive-brokers https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/robinhood https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/td-ameritrade https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/trading-212 We can tell that the down time was very similar in all of them, with the exception of Robinhood that is still having problems
  15. Ok you win. I can't add anything else. Wait I can, google broker issues during the week. It is interesting to see that the "IT issue" presents exactly the same symptoms in every single broker across the world. Check elitetrader forums and you will see people talking about Interactive Brokers. You could copy their messages and they would fit in this thread easily. Check Ameritrade as well if you are not happy. Check also the many post that are around Twitter about Robinhood. All having "technical issues" at the same time. Really? Every single broker having the same techn
  16. I never said that IG is targeting at retail traders, I said clearly that if there is no liquidity they can't provide a service so they can't operate as normally. Now you are taking a bit of text to prove one of the points. I said clearly that I understand that there is an increase of users coming online but that does not trigger the failure. Read the article carefully, you will understand that an increase of users is just the beginning of the problem, the end is when a broker does not have access to liquidity in very volatile markets.
  17. I would be happy to take credit of what I am saying but I cannot. It is well written and documented by many. https://www.match-trade.com/how-does-increased-volatility-of-the-markets-affect-the-brokerage-business/
  18. Great questions, I mentioned a cut in liquidity because that is normally the reason why brokers stop allowing access. Usually because of high volatility and unavailability of market makers. I can tell that the API fails at retrieving the user account, it is able to authenticate and throws an exception when tries to get the account. This would align with the point that is able to load MyIG and not able to change accounts. What I don't understand is how many brokers around the world have reported the same issue. And that is what led me to the common point they all have, access to the u
  19. My guess is "orchestrated cut from liquidity providers" so brokers have to prioritise professional accounts over retail to fill their obligations.
  20. The API is back up and running. At least for me, I hope it is ok for you guys as well. No one can defend that we are seeing technical issues. Same repeated behaviour over 3 days at the same time, the US market opening. Many other users from other brokers have reported the very same type of issues all over the world.
  21. API is down and the status page shows as operational. Seriously guys this is ridiculous. Just shutdown that useless status page, it is only getting people even angrier.
  22. https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/13809-errorcode-errorpublic-apifailurestockbroking-not-supported/?tab=comments#comment-68686
  23. if you are a developer you can use the streaming service. https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide It is the closest I could get to tick data.
  24. Hi, I normally download data from this free service. https://www.dukascopy.com/plugins/fxMarketWatch/?historical_data If you are familiar with any coding language you can request data from the IG API. https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=552 The smaller time frame you can get from there is (minute).
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