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  1. If it's in profit and you feel the urge to take the profit, take it, it wont harm anyone.
  2. 100 points drop in an hour. Will this recover?
  3. Hi there, I was comparing which markets to trade on the 1 hour time frame, and I've noticed that the FTSE100, Germany 30 and France 40, have all been following the same pattern for the last couple of days! Why is this? Surely they should be different because they are different markets?
  4. I found a really good trade / market, waited until 2.30 when it opened to place the trade. Immediately placed the trade, then straight after I noticed the spread split had been increased to 10... I was p*ssed, I was in £112 deficit immediately. I'm going to wait it out, it must become a good trade, maybe that's why the commissions become high?... I hope so anyway.
  5. Hello, I've been trading for a few months and would like to introduce myself. I am Claire, 37 from South London. Nice to meet you all 🙂
  6. For the last couple of days I have noticed that the FTSE100, Germany 30 and France 40 are all following the same pattern, surely they should be different, why is this? Many thanks,
  7. Such a happy article LOL. It's true though, but we all know the risks, if it wasn't exciting we wouldn't do it.
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