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  1. too risky to leave overnight (unless you use guaranteed stops), but you can't short sel using share dealing so you're back to CFD / SB
  2. Looking at the PRT website it appears that the advanced training is not free. https://www.prorealcode.com/courses/prorealtime-advanced-programming/ Seriously? Don't IG want to encourage us to make deals? Why on earth should we pay for this? First time I have ever heard of a software where the user has to pay to access online training videos! The point is to encourage users to use their software
  3. that's what warren buffet has been saying for decades, he knows a thing or two about investing 😄
  4. Its quite easy to sucker someone in to a scheme. In fact to prove a point, years ago on another forum I GUARANTEED that I can consistently make money, day trading . Naturally I was called a total BSitter however I did prove over 5 days I won and showed Broker screenshots. I suddenly turned in Nostradamus with loads of messages as to what my trading strategy was. It would have been easy to start charging a 1000 quid for a trading course to the naive. No secret: I just took both sides of the trade every time (so perfectly hedged) and showed with winning one, with a layer of BS about candlestick patterns and entry / exit points 😄 I came clean to demonstrate that the industry is fraught with charlatans. I got pretty sick of reading 'gurus' trading books who constantly cherry pick charts and reinvent age old TA to prove how good they are In fact I just quit for Dr Elder's trading forum. He's the dude who wrote that best seller book "The New Trading for a Living". The inner group as a whole were underperforming the S&P500 and his gold star traders were barely out performing
  5. Dude I am FSA registered and worked as a derivatives structurer for 15+ years. Every investment bank (and I have worked in 3 big ones ) world wide has "trading floors". They are all called "trading floors" because traders work on them nothing more, front line sales often work on these floors too. Further they are isolated from the rest of the buildings to prevent conflicts of interest. I know how traders work. I have done it plenty of times myself in a commercial setting . As to how successful home trading is, I have my doubts as there is heck of a lot of BS in this game from "educators" youtube forums etc , Doesn't matter how people say how they trade, the effectines is what I am referring to, techniques means diddly squat without hard proof,
  6. I think for the most part yes but some traders do make money consistently. I working in the trading floor for 15years but they have huge advantages. much lower margin far tighter bid ask spreads, Direct market access First in, Wealth of research, news feeds, quants, economist supporting them, working in teams of experienced and specialist traders, Squawk box would sound any market information. The odds are pretty well stacked against you as a home trader. Whether home traders actually make money or not I am not convinced. The pass off BS like not going to give away their secret as if they found the answer to alchemy. I'd say anyone who genuinely makes money has nothing to hide as they got there through years of hard and intelligent work. The beginner is not going to pick that up no matter what. Like a pianist saying, I'm a maestro but I won't play in front of you . Do IG ever publish anonymous stats of their best clients?
  7. Hi all, I have mainly use SB for day trading however analyzing all past trades I notice that the main reason for losses is due to the wide spreads on SB. My direction is more often than not correct. However unless the market (equities) is strongly trending I need a decent move in the price to compensate for the bid-ask spread. What inevitable happens is that intraday trades based on a 5min and 30min chart end up lasting all day and I have to close out end market close. Naturally stop levels, choice of liquid stocks need to be addressed but one some trades it seems like if I just bought the shares it would have been a better option. The main issue is that I can't short sell shares (in real time) Anyone done any analysis on this? Perhaps better to stick to FX, commodities?
  8. Thanks for the info jlz!! I'll research it. What would be performance speed be like?
  9. I live here, IG is blocked in China, you need a VPN and even using that its risky, connection drops frequently can't get on for days so i you have open trades you are in trouble . It recently started, irritating to say the least! Pro real time and L2 dealer don't work properly either I mainly use a different boker now,
  10. I have a stop yesterday on Wirecard of 902 but it triggered this morning at 249! What is this gap so large?? Will a guaranteed stop prevent this from happening?