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  1. yea I think so got shares in 3 german companies
  2. Yea no OTC market and no access to the tokyo stock exchange
  3. Could be to do with FX conversion rate its like 0.5% think there is info Bout it on fees page
  4. Stock warrants I think unless your warren buffett just buy the common stock which is the $23 dollar one 👍
  5. Thank you chief 😀 never knew LSE set their own prices
  6. I'm trying to buy shares in a certain company, why does the commission cost £9 not £3? I invested 3 times last month and have Commission free on USA Stocks, but it seems I will have to pay $9 not £3. Do fees vary and are some stocks commissions different?
  7. Is it possible to add First Financial Northwest (FFNW) so I can buy it on my Isa? Thanks
  8. I'm looking to buy shares in Lukoil DRC (OTCMKTS: LUKOY) for my stocks and shares ISA is this possible and if not ill just buy it on the XETRA? Does IG have any plan on offering Chinese stocks in the near future?
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