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  1. Tradingview Support, PRT V11, A market clock which indicates what market is currently live. Asia session, London / EU session, New York session etc.. order book visibility.. depth of market. Where is the liquidity etc?
  2. Absolutely needed.. sick of logging into IG to do this.. Only work around is to open the pop up window in a new tab and leave it on.. think it lasts a week before timing out. Still frustrating though.
  3. I know exactly what spread betting is thanks.. and as per every other broker.. yes that's right.. every broker with spread betting.. you are not restricted from seeing this but you can in fact you can see the DOM. If you are not sure what that is.. it allows you to see where the liquidity and bulk of orders are and where the volume is.. and where supply and demand is. It seems IG is the only broker which doesn't allow this. It is not limited to CFD's and yes you can view it with a spread bet account. I am not asking if I can directly trade from the DOM.. but to be able to see where any low volume nodes are which can cause rapid price movements.
  4. Is L2 data available for spread betting?
  5. Not sure.. very frustrating.. every other big broker allows you to see this information. OANDA, FXCM etc all allow you access to DOM, and orderbook. Seems that this broker is missing vital indicators.
  6. Volume profile, depth of market, orderbook, VWAP, VPVR, VPSV... all the basic things needed which for some reason are disabled.. seems odd that you don't want your clients to see this information? Even FXCM, OANDA, Pepperstone, ICmarkets, FXPRO & many more not listed all allow you to see this and have access to this vital information. ProRealTime v11.. It's about 2 years overdue now... frustrating not only having out of date features but more so when trying to back test things as it's limited on v10.3 to a maximum of 100k units.. that means with every day passing, I lose a day's worth of data.. PRT v11 allows you to have 1m unit backtest.. Also.. Custom, multiple take profits.. allow me to set a desired amount, for example.. ** points or **% at 10 pips away from entry ** points or **% at 20 pips away from entry ** points or **% at 30 pips away from entry ** points or **% at 40 pips away from entry.. Have a look at cTrader.. they do a perfect example of this, in advanced take profit section.
  7. QTY is in points / pips.. 1 point / pip = 10 ticks.. From what I recall 10 points = 100,000 in notional value which equates to 1 lot.
  8. IG don't seem to want to enable level II data.. which allows their users to see order books / flow/ liquidity and market depth. Frustrating to be honest as PRT's main features are this.
  9. No idea to be honest.. rather frustrating having a platform which is capable of showing the order book, order flow, depth of market etc yet it's all disabled. It's as if IG don't want their customers to use these to an advantage.. even though the usual retail noob wouldn't understand half of it.
  10. Are we getting this anytime soon? Now approaching Mid August... was due to be released beginning of last year... Half of these features don't seem to work... Order Flow, Order Book, Depth of Market, VWAP, VPVR, VPSV etc etc.. are IG considering their customers here? Mods.. please don't delete this.. it needs visibility and it needs an official answer in order to stop people asking every 10 minutes.
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