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  1. Looking back on previous ProOrder issues, it does appear that maintenance is carried out on weekends but not communicated in any way to users....very poor to say the least when we all do tweaking and backtesting of our systems on weekends!
  2. Yes - I am having same issue, states " You are temporarily disconnected" and reconnection has been looping for 2 days. I have sent an email to ProRealTime but maybe IG helpdesk can help?
  3. Agreed - looking for breakout but will be range bound until FOMC with possible short term spike on rate decision. However, now that FOMC 25 point is expected (rather than 50 point) I expect gold to pull back to range again thereafter. What do you think?
  4. Touched 1395 (23.60% Fib) 3 times now!
  5. Yep - Payroll more than expected so now "some" indecision on July rate cut but i think July rate cut is a foregone conclusion so will see some pull back in any gold spike near FOMC meeting. Watch indices/USD on US open - this may push gold up today.
  6. Gold touched 1395 (23.60% Fib) and bouncing back up after NFP
  7. I would stay on sidelines until after US NFP - USD/Gold/Indices will have initial impact on number.
  8. Thanks Casey - I must get into the habit of uploading my charts etc to support my view (still learning as always)
  9. Can we keep advertising off the IG community!!!😠
  10. Oil looks under pressure today - broken channel minor support and heading toward 5573 (38.20% Fib)
  11. If having sight of your balance is important try opening 2 tabs and logging in on IG on both. Use one tab to show the Trading platform and the other tab to show My IG (this shows funds/Margin/Available/Profit+Loss on the main Dashboard).
  12. Need I say any more...10000 level is as important as Back to the Future 1955 time continuum (all roads lead back there!)
  13. Don't have details - it was a call from IG account manager to see whether I was was interested in attending an event in Birmingham. Must be the kind of event where IG selects random clients on a periodic basis to met/network.