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  1. It's a bad trade setup. I thought of it myself; I could but in small limits and huge stop losses, to try "survive" a fall. But if it can happen, it will happen (Murphy's Law) so if you were to loose -2000 points you had to win 10 if your take profit was 200 points... So you have to be right 10 in a row to cover a loss of -2000 points. 10:1 is just one extreme example, but I think every ratio that is based on that kind of theory will be mentally hard to deal with. It's better to form a strategy that has a ratio that is in your favor. The only way I see that this would work is to have a stop los
  2. Any source code will help troubleshoot your code. Do you have it on GitHub for instance (might be easier instead of posting it all here 🙂)?
  3. I'm too a .NET/C# guy. I can do Python as well, but C# is what I use at work (non financial).
  4. I've posted a couple of posts before I saw this section... lol. Hi! I've been on IG a few years, but never on the forums until now. I've mostly up until now been trading on the demo account and now made the move to the real deal. I'm a programmer and have developed a integration with IG. I dabble in algorithms, technical analysis in the FX and stock market. If anyone does the same, feel free to send me a message and we will have an discussion 🙂
  5. I guess the answer is that Panasonic trades on the OTC market (https://www.otcmarkets.com/) and IG does not provide this market.
  6. So many "multi level marketing" people, scammers... they go to their bank (or mom and dad) and get a lot of money. Then they go to a car rental (or even private jet rental) and take some photos. What they want is you to follow them on YouTube/Instagram so the platform can feed you ads so they get money when you click on ads.
  7. What do you mean by harder? Are you thinking that your position size might get that large that it will effect the market? The FX market is a trillion dollar market, it takes a lot have an impact. Unless you trade exotic maybe. I've wondered this myself. If you are referring to a growing account and larger lots having a psychological on you - I think this comes with training. So start small and work your way up? Don't know, have not gotten to the "big leagues" yet 🙂
  8. I feel that Youtube isn't the platform where I would seek in order to get 2nd hand opinions. Youtubers are only making videos to get views, so keep that in mind. Very very very few actually has anything useful to contribute. Why are they sharing their knowledge on YouTube when they could profit in the market. Books are better, books by established traders.
  9. After being down for 3 days the platform seems to work again with Norwegian stocks
  10. Hello Nareik! With a £50 stoploss (SL) you are risking 10% of your account. Maybe you are willing to risk that much, but if you are just getting started you are better off risking 2-3%, max 5%. The pros also don't risk that much per trade as I've learned thru reading some books. I'm also having a small account and trading currencies on the mini lots is hard. Wish IG would introduce nano lots! Regarding margin IG will subtract the required margin from your account balance so you have to take that into consideration. The platform will issue a margin call (and close your position)
  11. Hi, This is day two where the market is "closed" during trading hours. Is IG experiencing some technical difficulties? No Norwegian stock seem to be updating, and yesterday a couple for positions were marked with a yellow dot and "call in to close" label where the "close" button was. Today all had the label "market closed" during trading hours. Also, some of my position had huge negative development. I cross checked with another platform, where IG had reported -2000 points it actually had positive development. I tried to phone in yesterday but did not reach technical support. So
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