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Daylight saving time ends



Find out how your trading will be affected

Dear IG Community,


UK and European clocks will go back one hour when daylight saving time (DST) ends on Sunday 30 October 2022.

Until Sunday 6 November 2022, the end of US DST, our opening hours will be affected.

Markets and products affected by DST

  • US and Canadian markets will open one hour earlier in UK time, so US and Canadian shares will be quoted between 1.30pm and 8pm
  • Leveraged trading on US shares (all sessions) will run from 8am to midnight Monday to Thursday, and from 8am to 9pm on Friday 4 November
  • Share dealing (non-leveraged) on US shares (all sessions) will run from 11am to 9.30pm Monday to Thursday, and from 11am to 9pm on Friday 4 November
  • All forex markets will open at 9pm on Sunday 30 October and close at 9pm on Friday 4 November
  • 24-hour dealing on indices will open at 10pm on Sunday 30 October and close at 9pm on Friday 4 November
  • Expiring US markets will settle an hour earlier than usual
  • New York Cocoa, Sugar and Coffee, and London Sugar all close an hour earlier than normal
  • Weekend trading will open at the same time (8am Saturday). FX will close at the same time (8.40pm on Sunday), but Indices will close one hour earlier (9.40pm on Sunday)
  • Overnight funding (tom next) adjustments for FX pairs will apply to positions held through 9pm

All markets will close at 9pm on Friday 4th November (one hour earlier than the normal 10pm close).

From Sunday 6 November, the above will revert to their usual hours

Asian markets, which do not observe DST, will operate one hour earlier in UK time (until March 2023). For example:

  • HKEX shares will close at 8am
  • SGX shares will close at 9am

South African equities will open at 7am and will close at 2.50pm (until March 2023).

In-hours trading on Eurex futures (including the Germany 40) will be available one hour earlier at 12.10am.

Digital 100s: pay attention to the expiry times of US and Asian digital 100s, as the proximity to expiry has a large bearing on the price quoted. You can check these in-platform via the 'information' section in the deal ticket. Digital 100s are only available to professional clients.


Please let us know if you have any question.

All the best - IG Community Team



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