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Twitter/X – What next?



Elon Musk puts a stop to X offering its web-based TweetDeck service for free. IG financial analyst @AngelineOng takes a look at what this means for anyone relying on TweetDeck and the future shape of X.



 Angeline Ong | Financial Analyst, Presenter and Content Editor, London | Publication date: Wednesday 16 August 2023 19:27

(Video Transcript)

Rebranded X pulls free TweetDeck

Now, more changes at Twitter, or X as it's known, the latest one being that X is putting a stop to offering its web-based TweetDeck service for free. Now, this is a huge blow for anyone, any company, relying on this service to compare social media traction and impact.

The one thing that you can depend on when it comes to Elon Musk, though, is consistency. He's always made it clear that he wants Twitter, now rebranded X, to pay for itself.

Will the Twitterati pay up?

A few months back, he even spoke about making users pay per article from anyone disrupting the subscriber model. Now, this could go one of two ways. It could fail, like many media organisations have seen in the past, with people not wanting to pay for a service they used to get for free.

Rival Threads is also finding the uptake slowing and tapering off now. Just taking a look at Meta's chart, because Meta platform's boss, Mark Zuckerberg, launched Threads in July, and it was seen as a potential threat to Twitter, or now known as X.

Can Elon turn X into another Tesla?

Many market-watchers think that Musk could also have a premium X model, which would service the more lucrative parts of the internet, like commerce, communications and more suggestive services. Now, the big question is, can Elon turn X into another Tesla?

Remember, he was told it would be too expensive, too difficult to ever build commercial batteries for a commercial electric vehicle (EV). And now, look at where we are.

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