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#IGEMChat - an Emerging Markets live broadcast - submit your questions



Who has an interest in Emerging Markets? How would you like the opportunity to have direct access to a panel who will be able to answer your questions directly? You can be part of the latest IG chat by leaving your EM question on social media using the #IGEMchat hashtag, or by simply leaving a comment on this blog post. Even if you don't have an account with IG you can leave your comments below! The live broadcast will be available within the dealing platform, or on this page, on Wednesday the 6th of February at 1pm GMT. We would also look to post the video after the event, as well as here


What will we talk about?

The discussion will cover a wide range of topics that relate to emerging market economies, including:

  • The emerging markets to watch in 2019
  • The relationship between EMs and the US dollar
  • The impact of the US-China trade war
  • How to trade EM assets



Who's on the panel?

Paul McNamara, Investment Director, GAM Investments: Paul McNamara is an Investment Director, and is the lead manager on emerging market bond and currency long only and hedge fund strategies. He joined GAM Investments following its acquisition of the fixed income and foreign exchange specialist, Augustus, in May 2009, where he started managing most of the funds he runs to date. He joined Augustus (then Julius Baer Investments Limited) in 1997 from the Export Credits Guarantee department of the UK Government Economic Service, where he was an economist. He began his career as a lecturer. Paul holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and is a CFA charterholder. He is based in London and you can get an insight into his journalistic style via Twitter or on the Financial Times.

Gavin Serkin, Managing Editor, Frontier Funds Media & Intelligence: Gavin Serkin has been a prominent writer, broadcaster and commentator on emerging markets for over two decades. His book, Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow (Bloomberg/Wiley) – an investment travelogue across 10 countries – was acclaimed as a “must read” by the Financial Times. Serkin’s leadership of Bloomberg’s credit markets coverage and his focus on the derivatives that triggered the global financial crisis won him the Society of American Business Editors & Writers’ Best in Business Award and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Deadline Club Award. Subsequently creating and leading Bloomberg’s emerging markets team, Serkin founded Frontier Funds Media & Intelligence in 2015 to help deepen understanding of the opportunities and challenges in developing countries through his own writing, and through constant and proactive dialogue with journalists, investors and leaders.


Recommended Comments

Will try and remember to notify the Community @TrendFollower - may set up the banner ads now. In regards to longer term EM investing I could always ask questions relating to long term holdings in EM ETF's etc? That sort of thing? The most financially efficient way to do it etc?

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Guest PandaFace


EM has been smashed recently. Given the potential for a major global correction, wouldn’t EM be first to go? Longer term wouldn’t it be better to wait for the pull back then get in? 

What top 3 macro events (excluding political) do we need to monitor. Eg price of metals, specific countries GDP etc. 

Whats an EM hedge? 

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there is substantial evidence out there which shows categorically that fund managers have no advantage what-so-ever in beating the market in the long run. Active fund managers are out there for kick backs. Even buffet hates them and that says a lot!

Also, the kia analogy doesn't make any sense.

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Guest ProjengENG


Should EM worry about quantitative tightening and if so to what extent? Significant i would imagine? 

When US interest rates rise - are EM buggered? Can they withstand the inevitable? 

Do non conventional assets such as bitcoin have an effect on EMs? 


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Thanks all for your questions - they have been uploaded to our IGTV teleprompter. Don't forget this will go live today at 13.00pm GMT. 


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28 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:


Thanks for the reminder. Will have a look this evening as will not be able to see the live broadcast. I assume it will be available this evening for all to see?


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