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Trade our US FANG index 24 hours a day



The US stock market opens from 2:30pm to 9pm London time, which means many UK-based trading companies only allow you to trade these individual stocks up until 9pm (with other regions having restrictions based on their local time zones). We know that many IG clients want to trade outside of these hours, especially over earning season, so we sought to offer you 'extended hours' on many of these major companies. 


clock-2.pngTrade the US FANG index 24 hours a day at IG

This same concept applies for a bespoke IG index, available on the platform under "US FANG", which we now also offer 24/5 trading on. This means that you can take advantage of market movements after the main session closes, and better manage your risk with deal execution all the way up until 1am midweek, and up to 10pm on Friday (UK times - local times will vary). Check your local Help and Support pages for more information.


Where next for the FANG?


US earnings season schedule 2019

Several major companies release their quarterly figures across similar months every year:

  • January and February
  • April and May
  • July and August
  • October and November

See below for a list of major companies and the dates of their latest/upcoming earnings announcements.


* Dates in square brackets [DD/MM/YY] are expected reporting dates; to be confirmed.


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